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Primary Wine Co., Pinot Noir at Coletta in NYC

When done properly, a serving of wine is worth more than the contents of a single glass. It is an act of self-care and a determined act to turn a bad day into a good one or possibly the centerpiece of a fun-filled evening with friends. For those looking to savor a delicious, cruelty-free glass of red wine, there is nothing better than a portion from Primary Wine Co., pinot noir gluten-free at Coletta in NYC.

At Coletta, no dish is as simple as it may initially seem. Our professionally trained chefs bring a level of care and consideration to every bite, allowing guests the opportunity to sample Italian food as they’ve never seen before: innovative, inspired, and completely cruelty-free. That same rule expands to our gorgeous bar options, including this spectacular glass of pinot noir. 

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Modern Pinot Noir at Coletta in NYC

Modern Pinot Noir at Coletta

It’s always sad to see any diner left out of the fun, forced to choose between joining in or sacrificing their moral integrity. Most frequently, that scene plays out whenever otherwise well-meaning friends break out a bottle of their favorite wine. 

To an omnivorous friend, this may seem a generous act, but an experienced vegan knows the truth. The majority of alcohol manufacturers– even the most expensive of wineries– often turn to cheap animal by-products to improve clarity or color. In doing so, they bar vegans and vegetarians from enjoying their product.

Thankfully, Coletta stands ready with intriguing, compassionately sourced options!

Of all these delicious, vegan wines, the Primary Wine Co. Pinot Noir is doubtlessly one of the most attention-grabbing. 

This wine is modern both in appearance and flavor, with a bright, cheerful shade of red. With every sip, diners can enjoy flavors of cherry, currant, and baking spices reminiscent of Christmas morning but with the energy of a summer day and a swirl of vanilla. 

Incredibly dry but with a surprising amount of acidity, this crowd-pleasing red is exactly the nightcap you need to close out a long week.

Cruelty-Free Pairings

With a little guidance, pairing wine with its perfect dish is a breeze! Simply pay attention to the key flavors, follow a few simple guidelines, and never be afraid to reach out for help as necessary. Above all, the Coletta staff stands ready to help every diner make the very most of their cruelty-free dining experience.

The Primary Wine Co., Pinot Noir contains an interesting blend of earthy and fruity notes. As such, it calls for dishes that highlight the subtle earthy tones without being overwhelmed by the inherent sweetness of the fruit. Typical restaurants suggest pairing this wine with “gamey” meat dishes, but as always, Coletta offers more delicious alternatives. 

Select from among options such as:

  •  Our puttanesca “meatballs,” served with a generous spoonful of lemon brown butter sauce, salty capers, kalamata olives, fresh Roma tomatoes, and vegan “mozzarella,” served alongside our housemade parsley garlic knots
  • Cruelty-free “steak tartare,” with capers, shallots, dijon mustard, black seaweed caviar, whipped truffle “ricotta,” and sourdough crostini
  • The wild mushroom truffle pizza, which comes covered in seared wild mushrooms with a drizzle of truffle oil, as well as a sprinkling of caramelized cipollini onions, lemon “ricotta,” fresh rosemary, creme, and red chili for the perfect spicey finish
  • A side of wild mushrooms, sauteed with balsamic, garlic, and fresh thyme

To highlight the earthy undertones, select one of our mushroom dishes. The savory flavor brings out the best of this wine’s smokey notes, highlighting the complexity of every glass. 

Hoping to bring out more of the fruit? Turn instead to one of our hearty, “meat-based” dishes. The richness of every bite perfectly complements this dry wine, allowing the bright, fruity flavors to rise to the forefront. 

For a truly unique experience, try both! Pair a hearty entree with a serving of mushrooms, and see how the different pairings bring out contrasting elements to this intriguing wine. 

Savoring the Moment at Coletta in NYC

puttanesca meatballs at coletta

No one does Italian food or drinks quite like the experts of the Coletta kitchen. Whether you’re choosing a glass at our gorgeous bar or hoping to enjoy a delicious dinner, you’ll find the help you need at Coletta. Come down to Coletta’s Gramercy Park location to turn any simple evening into a special occasion. Not feeling up to a night out? Instead, explore our menu, then use our easy online ordering system to place an order for pickup or delivery.