Good Vegan Beer in NYC with Coletta

What is it about a cool, frosted mug of beer that serves as the perfect ending to a long day? Whether you are looking for a treat or just a way to enjoy an evening, do so with a good vegan beer in NYC with Coletta. Like every other item on our full menu, you can rest assured that our beer options are perfectly suited to your cruelty-free lifestyle.

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Best Cocktail Bar in NYC

If you dine only on kosher, gluten-free, or vegan food in NYC, then you probably know all about Coletta and our fresh, creative meals. However, did you know we also have an incredible cruelty-free cocktail range for you to enjoy? The next time you’re looking for a cocktail bar in NYC, head down to Coletta in Grammercy Park for an inclusive, fun time.

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Vegan Wines at Coletta in NYC

A vegan meal is a treat in and of itself, but the fun doesn’t stop there at Coletta. By pairing each dish with the ideal wine, you have the power to elevate your meal, turning even the most frustrating, restless day into something truly extraordinary! Whether you are a longtime vegan or just learning the ropes of a cruelty-free lifestyle, treat yourself to a hot meal and vegan wines at Coletta in NYC.

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Vegan Penne Alla Vodka

Vegan Penne Alla Vodka at Coletta NYC

Vegan Penne Alla Vodka at Coletta NYC Penne alla vodka is one of the most common dishes offered on an Italian menu for a reason! Its rich, flavorful base serves as the perfect jumping-off point for a host of other flavors, allowing chefs to easily make their own creative blends while still holding true to […]

gluten free risotto

Risotto: Gluten-Free Dishes at Coletta NYC

Risotto: Gluten-Free Dishes at Coletta NYC There’s no way around the truth: following a gluten-free diet can often come with its own unique set of challenges. Because so many popular dishes come from the exact foods that gluten-free diners are encouraged to avoid, it can be tricky to make sure you’re getting all the necessary […]


Vegan Risotto at Coletta NYC

Vegan Risotto at Coletta NYC There is something satisfying about sitting down to a large, steaming bowl of perfectly prepared risotto. Hearty, rich in flavor, and filling enough to leave you satisfied for hours, it’s the ideal way to turn around a cold day. This vegan risotto at Coletta NYC is yet another example of […]

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Coletta in NYC

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Coletta in NYC With healthy, nutritious vegan alternatives, you can feel free to indulge in all of your favorite guilty pleasure snacks, with all the flavor and none of the guilt! Nothing serves as a better example of this mantra than the vegan buffalo chicken pizza at Coletta in NYC.

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza at Coletta in NYC

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza at Coletta How often have you attended a movie night, office lunch party, or other events where the main course– gooey, savory pepperoni pizza– was served? Now, with vegan pepperoni pizza at Coletta, you can enjoy all the same flavors without sacrificing your ideals!

Vegan Chicken Piccata at Coletta in NYC

Vegan Chicken Piccata at Coletta in NYC Capers are a funny little ingredient. Derived as an immature bud from flowers of a caper bush, these tasty morsels gain most of their signature flavor from the salty brine in which they are soaked. Though they may initially seem a bit unusual, they are a staple of […]

Fig Jam and Prosciutto Pizza

Fig Jam and Prosciutto Pizza: Coletta in NYC Somehow, it doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for comfort food or something to make an event of the night; pizza has the power to hit the spot, no matter the mood. In the past, embracing a vegan lifestyle meant sacrificing the rich, cheesy goodness that […]