Electric Bee Primitivo at Coletta in NYC

Electric Bee Primitivo at Coletta in NYC

It’s no secret that all over the world, Italian wine is celebrated for its unique, classic red blends. With its temperate weather and amazing culture, it is no wonder that Italy has become home to some of the boldest, most memorable wines in the world. From one region to the next, wineries have specialized in making the most of their grapes, confidently shipping them out to restaurants all over the world. The Electric Bee Primitivo at Coletta in NYC is a prime example.

Whether you’re looking for a rich, unforgettable glass of wine or a mouthwatering meal, you’re bound to find what you need at Coletta in NYC. What’s more, our astounding restaurant offers more than just classic Italian flavor; it offers creative, fresh options, all served completely without the use of animal products. Vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores are welcome inside our gorgeously designed restaurant alongside anyone else searching for an innovative, high-quality meal!   

To learn more about all that Coletta has to offer, explore our full menu. Take advantage of our easy online ordering system to place your order for pickup or delivery today!

Unforgettable Electric Bee Primitivo at Coletta in NYC

For years, the Southern Italian region of Puglia developed a bit of a negative reputation as wine crafters struggled to find their footing in a country of established professionals. Thankfully, times have changed, and since the seventies, this region has officially found its signature place in a world of unforgettable wines.

Puglia wines are now widely recognized for their bold flavor and charismatic profiles. Slightly higher in alcohol content than many wines common in the Northern region, Puglia wines have strong, unique tastes that leave everyone something to love. Experienced wine connoisseurs will savor the change to test their skills, allowing them plenty to analyze, while newbies to the craft can stand in awe of the intriguing contrast of notes. 

There’s no better place to start the taste testing than the Prosuttori Di Manduria, Electric Bee’ Primitivo. 

Bottled in 2020, this wine is among the best of the best. Filled with the bright notes of cherry and plum, it is right at home in the center of any table, where it is sure to enchant and delight with its unique blend of flavors. 

Perfect Vegan Pairings

pepperoni pizzaa at coletta

All too often, wine crafters make use of cheap animal by-products to purify and increase the clarity of their wines. Unfortunately, such a rich, remarkable wine as this one is hard to find, particularly in this cruelty-free form. As such, every glass calls for a celebration! Make the very most of every sip by pairing it with the perfect vegan dish.

With its contrast of bold, rich flavor and lighter fruity sweetness, this is certainly one of the more complex reds on our expansive bar menu. Thankfully, the ingenious staff at Coletta stands ready to help you bring out those complexities.

For this wine, we suggest searching for options with a rich, savory base that will proudly stand its own against the louder flavors of the wine itself. Take special note of bright elements of fruit, tomato, and citrus, which will highlight the quieter notes, helping to bring them to the forefront. 

For the best results, select from among options such as:

  • Eggplant lasagna, made with hand-rolled pasta, roasted eggplant, herb “ricotta,” seitan, marinara sauce, vegan “mozzarella,” and fresh herbs like basil and thyme 
  • Our classic “pepperoni” pizza, made on a foundation of housemade tomato sauce with “pepperoni” slices, fresh oregano, and melted cruelty-free “mozzarella” 
  • Our puttanesca “meatballs,” served with a generous spoonful of lemon brown butter sauce, salty capers, kalamata olives, fresh Roma tomatoes, and vegan “mozzarella,” served alongside our housemade parsley garlic knots

Not feeling a full meal? No problem! Make your very own snack tray by ordering a selection of our delectable sides. Treat it as an experiment, allowing your palette to show you the ways in which different flavors naturally highlight the contrasting character of this wine. Observe how the wild mushrooms highlight the earthy tones of any glass while the marinara sauce alongside our parsley garlic knots brings out the brightest notes of each sip. 

Savoring the Moment at Coletta in NYC

Eggplant lasagna at Coletta

Whether you’re looking for a glass of fine wine or a delectable cocktail, no one makes drinks quite like the cruelty-free experts behind the Coletta bar! For a dining experience you won’t soon forget, step inside the relaxing environment of our cruelty-free restaurant. To make the most of your next cozy night in, use our easy online ordering system to place an order for pickup or delivery.