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Strawberry Lemon Mint Soda from Coletta in NYC

The next time you crave a flavorful beverage, enjoy a strawberry lemon mint soda from Coletta in NYC. At Coletta, we truly believe in inclusive options no matter your need, ensuring that everyone who steps foot in our gorgeous restaurant feels right at home.

Criss Cross, Chardonnay at Coletta in NYC

All too often, cruelty-free diners find themselves looking for ways to politely pass on appetizers and drinks they may have otherwise enjoyed. But with so many delicious, cruelty-free wines available in today’s modern market– including the Criss Cross Chardonnay at Coletta in NYC– you can savor all the amazing possibilities of a vegan lifestyle. 

Guido Berta, Moscato d’Asti at Coletta in NYC

In many ways, a cruelty-free life has never been simpler; unfortunately, in many others, it’s never been more difficult. Because all elements of our world are so intertwined, there thankfully exists a huge awareness of the need for healthy meal options free of animal products. However, many other areas of dining preparation often rely on […]

Prosecco Treviso Brut at Coletta in NYC

No drink has quite the same influence over a night as sparkling wine. Light yet tart, popping with effervescent bubbles, a glass of prosecco instantly elevates any evening, turning even the most casual dinner into a true celebration. Now, with help from one of the leading Italian restaurants in the city, you can enjoy prosecco […]

Vin Santo del Chianti at Coletta in NYC

Chianti is known for its rich flavor and sophisticated flair. However, with help, even a beginner can pair this bottle in a way that highlights its best flavors, bringing forth a rich, full-bodied taste guaranteed to please. Read on to learn more about the Vin Santo del Chianti at Coletta in NYC.

Mirabeau, Belle Année Rosé at Coletta in NYC

Coletta may have developed a strong reputation through our fresh takes on Italian classics, but at our heart, our staff all share a single love: quality, cruelty-free food. When tasked with selecting the most delectable rosé wine for our menu, this same staff turned to the world experts in this area: the ingenious wine crafters […]

Electric Bee Primitivo at Coletta in NYC

It’s no secret that all over the world, Italian wine is celebrated for its unique, classic red blends. With its temperate weather and amazing culture, it is no wonder that Italy has become home to some of the boldest, most memorable wines in the world. From one region to the next, wineries have specialized in […]

Primary Wine Co., Pinot Noir at Coletta in NYC

When done properly, a serving of wine is worth more than the contents of a single glass. It is an act of self-care and a determined act to turn a bad day into a good one or possibly the centerpiece of a fun-filled evening with friends. For those looking to savor a delicious, cruelty-free glass […]

Marco Porello, Barolo 2018 at Coletta in NYC

All too often, restaurants will advertise their inclusive options, pointing to a small corner of their menu. Vegan diners tolerate overly simplified meals, too afraid to partake in the same full options as their counterparts. No more! When seated at Coletta, you can rest assured each item on our expansive menu is made entirely free […]

Montefresco Pinot Grigio at Coletta in NYC

While there is no doubt a glass of dark red wine at the end of the day can be special, there’s just something pleasant about relaxing into an accessible, crisp white wine. Contrary to popular belief, white wine is not always necessarily the “simple” or “sweet” pick. Just like its darker counterparts, white wine can […]