Marco Porello, Barolo 2017 at Coletta in NYC

Marco Porello, Barolo 2018 at Coletta in NYC

All too often, restaurants will advertise their inclusive options, pointing to a small corner of their menu. Vegan diners tolerate overly simplified meals, too afraid to partake in the same full options as their counterparts. No more! When seated at Coletta, you can rest assured each item on our expansive menu is made entirely free of animal cruelty; what’s more, that rule expands to our bar! Enjoy every sip of delicious, cruelty-free wines like the Marco Porello, Barolo 2018 at Coletta in NYC.

Whether you’re looking for dinner, dessert, or a gorgeous glass of wine, each item on our menu is guaranteed the same level of care and precision. From the beautifully arranged cocktails at our bar to the fresh food in our kitchen, our expert staff works hard to bring the city’s boldest, most innovative flavors. Whether you observe a kosher diet, follow a cruelty-free lifestyle, or require gluten-free meal options, our bartenders and cooks stand ready to serve your new favorite meal.

To find inspiration, glance through the contents of our cruelty-free bar, or peruse our full menu. Ready to pick out your next favorite dish? Place an order for pickup or delivery, and let us bring all the bold, vegan flavors to your door!

The Unforgettable Marco Porello, Barolo 2018

Marco Porello, Barolo 2017 at Coletta in NYC

At the end of a long, hard week, there are few activities more soothing than sitting across a table from your friends and loved ones and splitting a fine bottle of red wine. 

For an inclusive, cruelty-free option that’s sure to please the whole crowd, we suggest none other than the Marco Porello Barolo at Coletta in NYC!

An elegant Italian wine, this red is not one meant to fade into the background. Rather, it is the highlight of every meal, with its bold flavor becoming a centerpiece of good conversation, good laughs, and good times overall. With every sip, hearty notes of leather, chestnuts, and tobacco come to the forefront, making for a hearty, flavorful wine you won’t soon forget. 

However, though the flavor of this wine is strong, that’s not to say it’s predictable. Upon close examination, notes of red fruit and berries play in the background, adding a touch of creativity that is sure to leave every diner intrigued.

With its unique combination of fruity, oaken, and earthy tones, the Marco Porello Barolo will bring you back again, ready to turn an otherwise simple evening into one for the books!

Pairing this Wine

Wine served on its own is enjoyable, but nothing can elevate that enjoyment quite like the perfect meal pairing. When done right, pairing your red wine with the right meal can help highlight the subtler notes of every sip, presenting it almost as a new beverage in its own right.

It isn’t unusual to see people hesitant with approaching the task of pairing wines, but we at Coletta are ready to help you find the perfect combination for you. 

If all you’re craving is a light snack, something to split with friends just as you split this bottle, we suggest ordering a starter of the Puttenesca “meatballs.” The strong, rich flavor of the vegan meatballs perfectly holds its own against the bold flavors of the Marco Porello Barolo, while the light brown butter sauce helps play up the sweeter undertones. 

Looking for something heavier? Maybe a whole meal? For a plate that will leave you full– even as you spend hours sipping from this decadent bottle– turn to any of the crowd-pleasing pasta at Coletta!

Our favorite options for this wine are:

  • Eggplant lasagna, made completely from scratch with layers of hand-rolled lasagna, roasted eggplant, herb “ricotta,” seitan, marinara sauce, and “mozzarella,” with fresh basil and thyme for a strong, bright flavor.
  • Spaghetti carbonara tossed with “pancetta,” black pepper, vegan “egg yolk,” and “parmesan.”
  • “Sausage” ravioli made with spinach dough, vodka sauce, broccolini, red chili, and shaved “parmesan.”

Make the most of this meal from start to finish. When selecting a dessert, look for options with strong flavors of chocolate, cocoa, or nuts. 

Our choice? The biscotti trio. You’ll adore the opportunity to experiment with how different flavors combine to enhance the Marco Porello Barolo. Each of our three biscotti options contains a hint of sweetness to contrast with the pistachios, almonds, or hazelnuts sprinkled on and through the cookie. 

Cruelty-free Dining at Coletta in NYC

squid ink ravioli at coletta

With the gorgeous settings and professionally trained staff, Coletta is prepared to host the perfect night out, from dinner to dessert to evening drinks. Enjoy a meal in our stunning space, designed by Studio RB with soft, vintage details intended to soothe and inspire. Don’t feel like fighting the crowds? Enjoy your meal to-go with easy pickup and delivery options

Our mouthwatering menu is new and ever-expanding, and there’s no end to what the professional staff behind our bar can accomplish! Keep an eye on Coletta as we tackle exciting new bar options.