Montefresco Pinot Grigio at Coletta in NYC

Montefresco Pinot Grigio at Coletta in NYC

While there is no doubt a glass of dark red wine at the end of the day can be special, there’s just something pleasant about relaxing into an accessible, crisp white wine. Contrary to popular belief, white wine is not always necessarily the “simple” or “sweet” pick. Just like its darker counterparts, white wine can contain an entire rainbow of complex flavors, arriving dry, sweet, bold, mild, or in whatever way a person might prefer. Of all the delicious cruelty-free options available behind our bar, few are more delicious than the Montefresco Pinot Grigio at Coletta in NYC.

No matter your wish for your dining experience, Coletta in NYC is excited to help make it happen. Our expansive, inclusive menu is made completely without the use of meat or dairy, ensuring that every member of your dinner party can find something to enjoy. What’s more, our chefs take care to bring out the best of every ingredient, coaxing even the most seemingly simple dishes into ones you will never forget.

Ready to find your next favorite meal? For more inspiration, glance through the contents of our well-stocked bar or our full menu. Whenever you’re ready to sample the flavor for yourself, place an order for pickup or delivery, and let us bring all the bold, vegan flavors to your door!

The Alluring Montefresco Pinot Grigio at Coletta in NYC

Montefresco Pinot Grigio at Coletta in NYC

All too often, wine manufacturers make use of animal by-products as a cheap way of increasing the overall clarity of their wines. These “processing aids” are added to speed up the slow clarifying process, and though they tend to be filtered out, they still ensure that vegans and those following a cruelty-free lifestyle cannot enjoy their wine in the same good faith.

Thankfully, delicious options still remain! At Coletta, we take pride in offering up only the highest quality vegan wines, liquors, and beers, allowing you to sip without concern. 

Of all our meticulously chosen wines, few are quite as alluring or unexpected as the Montefresco Pinot Grigio.

This Italian 2020 wine presents a unique blend of flavors, perfectly balancing notes of green apple with uniquely floral undertones. Though this description may lead one to believe this is a sweet wine, nothing could be further from the truth. Its dry palette perfectly contrasts the moderately bold flavors, presenting a bottle that is anything but predictable.

Though not the boldest wine on our list, every sip of this fine white packs a gentle punch. An almost earthy taste– tinged with ever-so-slight hints of minerals, honey, and stone– set this wine apart. Its complexity is guaranteed to leave wine enthusiasts enthralled, while its overall delectable flavor will keep everyone at the table reaching for their next sip.

Cruelty-Free Pairings

vegan pizza at coletta

Whether you enjoy the Montefresco Pinot Grigio alone or with friends, make the most of it with a delicious meal pairing designed to play up those unique undertones. Pairing a white wine as earthy and dry as this may not initially be an easy task. However, with help from Coletta in NYC, you’ll soon be pairing this wine like an expert.

To play up the earthy tones in this glass, we suggest looking for dishes containing any form of mushroom. Luckily, the chefs at Coletta have arranged plenty of appetizers, snacks, and full dinners to meet that end!

Select from among options such as:

  •  Our wild mushroom truffle pizza, topped in seared wild mushrooms with a drizzle of truffle oil, as well as caramelized cipollini onions, lemon “ricotta,” fresh rosemary, creme, and red chili.
  • Crispy calamari made completely cruelty-free with king oyster mushroom rings, parsley lemon sauce, herb marinara and a spritz of lemon
  • Campanelle al tarufo (available gluten-free on request), topped with light cream sauce, maitake mushrooms, black truffle oil, rosemary, and porcini powder
  • A side of wild mushrooms sauteed with balsamic, garlic, and fresh thyme

Not a fan of mushrooms? No problem! This wine pairs perfectly alongside a host of other vegetarian dishes, especially those prepared in the style of seafood. 

With its salty, brined capers, peppery micro arugula, and flavorful black truffle oil, few dishes pair quite as well with the Montefresco Pinot Grigio as our “tuna” carpaccio. Bright lemon zest and black pepper combine to form the perfect blend of contrasting flavors, and the avocado mousse smoothes the dish out with a layer of healthy fat. Altogether, the earthy, indulgent tones perfectly complement this fine wine.

Dining in Style at Coletta in NYC

vegan food at coletta

No one does Italian food or drinks quite like Coletta! Our professionally trained chefs keep the heart of each Italian classic without asking guests to break from their cruelty-free ideals. To sample the world-inspired flavors for yourself, come down to Coletta’s Gramercy Park location. Not feeling up to a night out? No problem! Explore our menu, then use our easy online ordering system to place an order for pickup or delivery.