Massey Dacta, Sauvignon Blanc at Coletta in NYC

Massey Dacta, Sauvignon Blanc at Coletta in NYC

At Coletta, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer up solutions to even the most perplexing dining problems. Hoping for a cruelty-free meal but worried that it won’t offer enough options to entertain your omnivorous guests? We’ve got the solution, with innovative dinner options to inspire diners of every background. 

Hoping to unwind after a long, hard day but worried about the impact of most wines on your cruelty-free diet? That won’t be an issue with a wide range of compassionately-selected wines, including the Massey Dacta Sauvignon Blanc at Coletta in NYC.

One of the best new vegan restaurants in NYC, Coletta has made a splash on the cruelty-free dining scene. With its fresh ingredients and memorable atmosphere, this gorgeously designed, Italian-inspired restaurant has already become a staple amongst vegan diners and beyond! With creative dining options that range from appetizers to dessert– and even to our extensive bar menu– it is hard to deny the universal draw of this inclusive, innovative menu.

Looking for inspiration? Explore the contents of our bar or our full menu, or read on to learn more about how you can imitate these flavors in your own kitchen! To keep the party going, place an order for pickup or delivery and see what all Coletta has to offer. 

The Delightful Massey Dacta Sauvignon Blanc at Coletta in NYC

Massey Dacta, Sauvignon Blanc at Coletta in NYC

For whatever reason, many people tend to consider white wines of the “lesser” variety, relegating them to the side as drinks to be enjoyed but not beverages to inspire creativity or inspiration.

One sip of the delightful Massey Dacta Sauvignon Blanc will prove every such thought false.

On the first sip, diners are likely to notice this wine’s fruit-forward approach, with delicate hints of kiwi and other tropical fruits. From here, the complexity begins to make its way to the front. 

Tart grapefruit and bright citrus add a layer of acidity to this wine, preventing the overall flavor profile from venturing too far into sweetness. The perfect balance between “sweet” and “dry,” this wine offers something truly special: a balance of delicate tree fruit flavors without an overwhelmingly sugary finish. The outcome is an adult, mature flavor that is bound to leave guests in silence, pondering the enchantments of the next sip. 

Overall, the full body and rich layers of this wine leave an impact that can only be matched by the perfect pairing of a cruelty-free dish!

Finding the Perfect Pairing

vegan cheese board

To make the most of this dish, we suggest pairing it with meals that help highlight its complexity, playing up the citrus flavors without covering up the intricate tropical notes.

Classically, a drink of this manner would be paired with cheesy dishes, but at Coletta, we are always excited to show exactly how well a vegan dish can meet the same needs. Likewise, pick out veggie options with mild, sweeter undertones fit to match those of this white wine. 

To get your dining experience started, sample from any of the following crowd-pleasing appetizers intended to highlight the flavor of the Massey Dacta Sauvignon Blanc:

  • The cultured “cheese” board, with a generous serving of “ricotta,” herbs de Provence, “cambeu,” fresh figs, “prosciutto,” caper berries, “pepperoni,” and apricot marmalade alongside olive and rosemary bread. 
  • Our lemon “ricotta” toast, made of freshly grilled sourdough and topped with date honey, pistachios, fennel pollen, lemon zest, and micro mint.
  • Fried artichokes, served with herb marinara and pumpkin seed pesto aioli.

After you’ve staved off the initial hunger, it’s time to order your full meal, extending this experience well into the evening. To make the most of this fine wine, we suggest turning to any of the following meal options for the perfect pairing:

  • Our fig and “feta” salad, made with fresh baby arugula and topped with mission figs, “feta,” avocado, toasted pine nuts, and a white balsamic vinaigrette.
  • The fig jam and “prosciutto” pizza, prepared cruelty-free with housemade fig jam, fresh mission figs, “prosciutto,” baby arugula, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, “parmesan,” and a final touch of aged balsamic. 
  • Fusilli Lunghi tossed in pumpkin seed pesto and crema, with roasted cherry tomatoes and dehydrated black olives. This meal comes with a gluten-free option upon request.

Don’t let the task of pairing your wine create stress on your relaxing evening out. Instead, let Coletta take away the pressure with clear, informative insight on how to make the most of every sip.

Unforgettable Evenings, with Help from Coletta!

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From start to finish, our staff stands ready with cruelty-free drink options to help you create the evening of your dreams! To learn more, check out our full menu to see all the meal options available, or place an order for pickup/delivery to make your next cozy movie-night in something truly special!