Mirabeau, Belle Année Rosé at Coletta in NYC

Mirabeau, Belle Année Rosé at Coletta in NYC

Coletta may have developed a strong reputation through our fresh takes on Italian classics, but at our heart, our staff all share a single love: quality, cruelty-free food. When tasked with selecting the most delectable rosé wine for our menu, this same staff turned to the world experts in this area: the ingenious wine crafters in France. Without further ado, let us introduce the Mirabeau, Belle Année Rosé at Coletta in NYC.

Every item on our expansive menu– whether dinner, dessert, or a carefully selected wine– is guaranteed the same level of care and concern. Our staff works tirelessly to bring the boldest, most innovative flavors in the city, all completely vegan! Whether you observe a kosher diet, follow a cruelty-free lifestyle, or require gluten-free meal options, our bartenders and servers are ready with options for you to enjoy. 

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Delicate Belle Année Rosé at Coletta in NYC

All wine seems to have a special power to encourage relaxation, but a well-chosen Rosé wine takes that power even further. With every light, delicate sip, this wine invites a sense of curiosity and fun to the table, bringing a brightness that is hard to compare. 

Of every possible rose, the delicate Mirabeau, Belle Année Rosé at Coletta in NYC stands above them all. 

Anyone well-versed in the art of wine tasting will likely recognize the name of this fine wine– or, at least, parts of it! Nestled in the French countryside, the region of Mirabeau is renowned for its quality rose wines, particularly the pale, shell-pink wine that has become synonymous with the area. 

The Belle Année wine is the height of delicacy. Incredibly fruit-forward, it offers a special kind of sweetness, one that brings forward true flavor. The crispness of every sip prevents this wine from slipping into “sugary” sweetness, while layers of berry and red-currant add complexity to an otherwise simple wine. 

Somehow both juicy and warm, light and intricate, this wine is every bit as complex as the people who so often order it! 

Perfect for all times of the day or night, this French wine is light enough to contribute to any brunch, lunch, dinner, or evening dessert. No matter your mood, the delicate Belle Année Rosé at Coletta is ready to enhance it!

Making the Ideal Pairing

Squid Ink Ravioli at Coletta

Often, pairing light, sweet wines can be more challenging than finding the proper pairing for a deep, bold red. While most beginners understand to pair red wine with savory, “meaty” flavors, white wine can be more confusing, particularly whenever fruity sweetness comes into play. 

The Mirabeau, Belle Année Rosé finds its value in layers of delicate cherry blossom and strawberry. When it comes to pairing rarer wines such as this, the key lies in understanding the ways in which the delicate notes layer one another. 

For the best results, select from among light, “buttery” flavors like:

  • “Squid” Ink Ravioli, flavored with a spinach and “ricotta” filling and topped with a gentle lemon butter and sage sauce
  • Campanelle al tartufu, made with light vegan cream sauce, maitake mushrooms, black truffle oil, rosemary, and porcini powder; this dish is also available gluten-free!
  • Fried artichokes, served with herb marinara and a pumpkin seed pesto aioli 
  • Our cruelty-free cultured “cheese” board, made with a display of “ricotta,” herbs de Provence, “cambleu,” fresh figs, “prosciutto,” caper berries, “pepperoni,” and apricot marmalade, served with olive and rosemary bread. 

If you’re just looking for a little treat, no problem! Rather than choosing a full entree or generous appetizer, select your favorite treat from our dessert menu. The delicate sweetness of this Mirabeau wine will perfectly play off of any dessert, bringing out an element of childish joy from every bite. 

For a special treat, we suggest pairing this dessert with the strawberry panna cotta, which will highlight the strengths in both the wine and the gently sweetened dish itself. 

Savoring the Moment at Coletta in NYC

Ice cream at Coletta

To turn any simple evening into a true dining experience, enjoy the cruelty-free drinks of the Coletta bar! On nights when you’re too tired to dine out, make use of our easy online ordering system to place an order for pickup or delivery.