Vin Santo del Chianti at Coletta in NYC

Vin Santo del Chianti at Coletta in NYC

Chianti is known for its rich flavor and sophisticated flair. However, with help, even a beginner can pair this bottle in a way that highlights its best flavors, bringing forth a rich, full-bodied taste guaranteed to please. Read on to learn more about the Vin Santo del Chianti at Coletta in NYC.

Coletta in NYC takes pride in making vegan dining options simple and delicious, and that passion extends to the decadent, unforgettable selections of wine available at our bar. Just like every item on our menu, these wines were classically produced with the highest possible levels of care, guaranteeing that everyone can find a meal to love.

To see exactly how far this creative flair extends, explore our menu. When hunger strikes, visit our Gramercy Park location to enjoy a full culinary experience, or place an order for pickup or delivery and take your meal on the go. 

Unforgettable Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico

The first step to understanding this unique wine is understanding the difference between this and a more typical chianti.

Typically, chianti is a red, dry wine known for its deep, earthy flavors; the vin santo del chianti classico could not be further from this standard.

Rather than arriving at the table as a deep red, this far lighter wine is a rich, glistening shade of amber. At first glance, you may assume that it functions much as any typical white wine, but the moment the aromatic glass is lifted to your lips, you’ll be swept away in the sweet, fragrant bouquet. 

Categorized as a dessert wine, this chianti classico balances notes of fruit– raisin, sweet apple, and dried apricot– with the gentle earthy flavors of honey. Not overwhelmingly dry, this sweet wine presents strongly with notes of oak and caramel, the perfect combination. 

Though dessert wines typically fall into a niche category, even experts in the field praise this wine for its rich, unforgettable balance and full use of flavors. Acidic yet accessible, this wine is the perfect stepping stone into dessert wines for those who don’t typically feel drawn toward the sweeter side of life!

Pairing Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico

Vegan assorted food at Coletta

When most diners first learn the art of pairing wine, they typically begin this education using more straightforward metrics, learning how to pair simple “red” and “white” wines first. In doing so, they create a rock-solid foundation for more wine exploration, but unfortunately, this process often leaves dessert wines out in the cold. 

With help from Coletta, you’ll soon be pairing this wine like any other expert. 

If you’re hoping to draw out the more subtle flavors of dried fruit and tart apple, we suggest enjoying this wine alongside “cheesy” dishes, which will tease out the best of these flavors and present an altogether new side to this unique wine.

For cruelty-free, cheese dishes, we suggest choosing from among:

  • Our cultured “cheese” board, arranged decadently with our vegan “ricotta,” herbs de provence, “cambleu,” fresh figs, “prosciutto,” salty caper berries, “pepperoni,” and apricot marmalade, with olive and rosemary bread
  • The campanelle al tartufo (gluten-free options available on request), made with a light cream sauce, maitake mushrooms, black truffle oil, rosemary, and porcini powder
  • Fig and “feta” salad, served with baby arugula, fresh mission figs, “feta,” avocado, toasted pine nuts, and a white balsamic vinaigrette

Ready to tease out more of that sweetness? Choose your dessert carefully because this wine is already so boldly flavored on its own we suggest looking towards equally bold desserts. 

Instead of steering toward sweetness, look for chocolate and coffee-inspired dishes, like any of our:

  • Crowd-pleasing Coletta tiramisu, prepared with espresso liqueur-infused ladyfingers, Madagascar vanilla cream, shaved dark chocolate, and cocoa powder
  • Chocolate and hazelnut biscotti, one of three decadent flavors available on our biscotti trio
  • One of our decadent vegan ice cream selections: vanilla topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate streusel; pistachio topped with roasted pistachios and fresh figs; hazelnut ice cream with crushed hazelnuts; or coffee ice cream served with shaved chocolate

By sampling this complex wine with a variety of flavors, you can easily observe the power that a pairing holds. Turn this simple evening out into one you won’t soon forget with mindful meal options considerately paired.

Enjoying your Evening with Coletta in NYC

Vin Santo del Chianti at Coletta in NYC

The next time you plan an evening with friends, treat your guests to the inclusive options at Coletta. Our chefs have worked tirelessly to compile the perfect menu, with options designed to fit every itinerary. Every starter, meal, and beverage in our restaurant is vegan, with plenty of kosher-certified and gluten-free options to ensure that no one leaves the table hungry.

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