Kombucha Bellini From Coletta in NYC

Kombucha Bellini From Coletta in NYC

Being in control of your health is important and something many consider when eating or drinking out on the town. This is why we add a healthy twist to one of our cocktails at Coletta with kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented beverage prepared from tea, yeast, bacteria, and sugar. The main components combine to produce probiotics, the bacteria essential for maintaining gut health. With innovative treats like the kombucha bellini from Coletta in NYC, you’ll have no issue finding the balance you need to achieve your visionary life.

At Coletta in NYC, we dedicate our time to helping cruelty-free diners find balance with an assortment of delicious culinary masterpieces designed to help them reach that exact goal. Our entire menu is vegan and kosher-certified, with an assortment of gluten-free options to offer something for everyone. No matter your need, Coletta is waiting and ready to serve.

Though you’re sure to be amazed by our bar menu, don’t indulge on an empty stomach. To find inspiration, peruse our full menu. Ready to pick out your next favorite dish? Place an order for pickup or delivery, and let us bring all the bold, vegan flavors straight to your door!

Sparkling Kombucha Bellini

Kombucha Bellini From Coletta in NYC

Though a regular bellini is a classic in and of itself, nothing will leave stars in your eyes as quickly as the kombucha bellini from Coletta in NYC.

In its most typical form, a bellini is simple: just a mixture of prosecco and peach puree or nectar. The result is a sweet, easily sipped beverage frequently served alongside brunch.

As so often seen in our Italian-inspired culinary menu, Coletta takes this classic favorite and elevates it, adding a touch of creativity and sophistication you won’t soon forget.

By introducing kombucha into this beverage, our mixologists tone down the sweetness, replacing the sugary taste of a classic bellini with something far richer and more mature. No longer is this drink relegated to the brunch table; with this simple twist, our kombucha bellini becomes the perfect pairing for any meal, from breakfast to dinner!

The gentle bubbles created by the fermentation process of our kombucha soften the more prominent carbonation of prosecco. The overall result is a gently sparkling beverage that is guaranteed to leave a positive mark on your day.

The perfect balance of gut-healthy kombucha, fresh peach syrup, and spirit-lifting prosecco, this is sure to become the highlight of your next vegan brunch, lunch, or dessert!

Benefits of Kombucha

The kombucha bellini from Coletta in NYC is more than just a tasty beverage; it is a picture of balance, offering the fun of a traditional bellini hand-in-hand with some hidden health benefits.

Kombucha– a gently fermented beverage thought to have originated in China or Japan– is created from a base of green tea. This fermentation process is mild enough to only contribute trace amounts of alcohol, not enough to bring any form of “buzz” on its own.

Instead of producing large quantities of alcohol, this process creates something even more intriguing: healthy probiotics.

As this tea ferments, the healthy bacteria multiply. A happy consequence of this includes the production of lactic acid bacteria, which in proper quantities, can lead to lower inflammation and improved digestion.

What’s more, because this delicious, fizzy beverage starts as tea, it comes complete with all the benefits commonly associated with green tea, including antioxidants, reduced risk of heart disease, and improved kidney functioning!

Easy Kombucha Bellini Recipe

Once you indulge in a single glass of this tasty beverage, you’ll look for an easy route to a similar flavor. Though it’s hard to imitate the true Coletta flair, this simple recreation is a good place to start.


  • 2 ounces of bottled peach kombucha
  • 1/2 tablespoon of peach puree
  • Roughly three ounces of prosecco


  1. In a shaker, combine the kombucha and peach puree. Muddle these together until the flavors are combined. If necessary, shake with ice to ensure the final product remains chilled and fresh.
  2. Strain the mixture into a champagne flute and top with prosecco. You may choose to mix the layers together, though the visual appeal of the separated colors has something to offer!
  3. Enjoy every sip of this sweet, refreshing beverage.

Outstanding Beverages at Coletta

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Make no doubt; this beverage does not promise to be simply “health food.” Rather, it stands ready to prove the opposite, that there is no roadmap to “healthy” dining. There is only a journey towards balanced living, starting with picking the best choices available to help you achieve your personal, long-term goals.

A vegan diet should never be about restriction. It should be about finding new avenues toward this mission. At the Coletta bar, you can rest assured that every alcohol was produced completely free of animal cruelty, using more wholesome preservation processes to improve the clarity and taste without compromising.

Our mouthwatering menu is new and ever-expanding.  Keep an eye on Coletta as we tackle exciting new bar options! Looking for a tasty meal but don’t feel like fighting the crowds?  Enjoy your meal to-go with easy pickup and delivery options.