‘Skin Contact Orange Wine’ at Coletta in NYC

‘Skin Contact Orange Wine’ at Coletta in NYC

When it comes to tasting and appreciating fine wines, it is completely normal to feel some anxiety. For many casual wine drinkers, discussion of a wine’s “nose” can be a confusing task, leaving them feeling as if they don’t quite deserve to enjoy this simple pleasure. Never fear! Once again, we are ready to help. Through discussion of the ‘skin contact orange wine’ at Coletta in NYC, we hope to guide you through enjoying and pairing this beverage with your perfect meal.

Our gorgeously designed restaurant combines elegant sophistication with an air of relaxation, making it the perfect place to sit back and sink into the specific flavors of a glass of wine, turning this into an almost meditative experience. Consider pairing your glass with an item from our cruelty-free menu for a truly wonderful dining experience.

To see the creative flair for yourself, explore our menu.  Ready to be wowed? Come down to our neighborhood to enjoy a full culinary experience, or place an order for pickup or delivery and take your meal on the go.

Understanding the Skin Contact Orange Wine at Coletta

‘Skin Contact Orange Wine’ at Coletta in NYC

It doesn’t take a lot of experience to understand and appreciate the intricacies that go into a glass of fine wine. Rather, it only takes an open mind, a willingness to learn, and the guidance you need to trust your instincts.

At Coletta, we can encourage all that and more!

To begin your understanding of this particular wine, we would like to briefly delve into its history. Created in Austria by the Weingut Durnberg estate, this orange wine is natured to maturity by experts. One of several estates to pioneer the development of the “new Weinviertel style, this estate is owned and operated by Christoph Korner, a native to the area who is dedicated to proving Austria’s truly incredible potential.

Like every other wine from this estate, the Skin Contact Orange Wine is marked by its breath of freshness and balance. Crystal clear and– as the name would suggest– an amber, orange hue, this wine maintains the perfect balance of sweetness and complexity that you would hope for!

When people discuss the “nose” of a wine, what they are truly getting at is the overall smell. The aroma of the wine plays a huge role in the flavor of every glass, serving both to enhance the experience of every sip and highlighting specific notes in each glass.

The nose of this particular wine, for example, contains floral hints with a touch of sharp orange peel. This plays nicely to the fruit-forward flavor, highlighting the tartness of the orange peel to add to the slightly savory taste. Likewise, the floral, perfumed scent brings a funky twist to every sip, making it far more memorable than the average glass.

How to Pair This Wine

If you feel at a loss with how to pair this unique style of wine, you’re not alone; even experts in the craft find themselves bamboozled by this unusual style of wine.

While most wine is fermented using skinned grapes, this amber-colored, richly flavored wine is prepared using “skin-on” grapes, leading to its name. Though more lightly colored than red wine, this specific fermentation style leads to a slightly bitter, full-bodied flavor not often seen in white wine.

As such, this wine pairs best with strong, sharp flavors that can stand up to the powerful impact of this spectacular wine.

On our menu, we suggest pairing this wine with:

  • Eggplant lasagna, prepared from hand-rolled lasagna, roasted eggplant, herb “ricotta,” seitan, marinara sauce, “mozzarella,” and fresh herbs, including basil and thyme
  • Portobello carpaccio, flavored with caper berries, pickled red onions, dill, sea salt, cracked pepper, and thyme, served with rosemary flatbread
  • Wild mushroom truffle pizza, topped with seared wild mushrooms, truffle oil, caramelized cipollini onions, lemon “ricotta,” fresh rosemary, crema, and red chili
  • Our “steak tartare” appetizer, prepared with capers, shallots, dijon mustard, black seaweed caviar, whipped truffle “ricotta,” and scallion crostini

As always, if you have any questions about how to make the most of your meal, drink, or dining experience, never be afraid to ask for help. Our professionally trained staff are all available to help you meet your craving and find a pairing that highlights both your wine and the flavors of your fresh, cruelty-free meal.

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