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How To Plan A Corporate Event

How To Plan A Corporate Event? Whether you consider yourself an introvert or the life of the party, one truth remains: event planning can be a hassle. As a host, you naturally want to ensure that each of your guests enjoys their meal, but doing so introduces unique complications. Even with thorough knowledge of your guests’ dietary preferences, cultural expectations, and personal tastes, it may feel impossible to keep everyone satisfied. 

Never fear! With help from a few simple tips, you’ll have no problem learning how to plan a corporate event.

At Coletta, we take pride in our ability to keep even the most fastidious guests happy. We make private dining and events easy with our inviting space, diverse menu, and expert staff. Reach out to plan your next private dinner or corporate event!

Tips for Event Planning

Event planning doesn’t have to be a nightmare; just follow this guide to take your event to the next level and make planning a breeze.

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Consider your Guest List

Before taking any steps, begin by considering your guest list. Who do you expect to be in attendance? How many guests should you anticipate? What do you know of these guests’ needs and expectations? The ideal space should include enough room to seat all of your guests while not being so roomy it removes the cozy, warm aspect from your dining experience. 

When celebrating with Coletta, you invest in a personalized experience tailored to your individual needs. Our semi-private dining space is the perfect combination of intimate and personal, seating twenty-five guests with ease. For larger corporate events, take advantage of our full rental space, which comes with room for sixty-five guests to dine and mingle.

No matter your needs, you can meet them with Coletta!

Chances are, even a dinner with even the most intimate of friends and family may come with surprises. As time passes and people change, so do their dietary needs. In order to ensure every guest in your party feels seen and understood, select a space with the most inclusive menu possible. 

Turn to the Experts

All too often, it’s complicated to find a unique dining experience that can host guests with kosher, allergy, or vegan requirements. Rather than stressing to meet all these needs, accept help from culinary experts trained in these diverse food facts.

At Coletta, our diverse menu caters to a wide variety of food preferences. We are certified kosher, allergy friendly, and completely vegan. Whether you’re looking for gluten free, nut free, or whole foods plant based options…we have it covered. Our chefs take steps to ensure our guests enjoy a meal that fits their lifestyle and needs.

Some planners mistakenly worry that by including only the most inclusive menu options, they risk alienating people who do not have any particular dining preferences. In all actuality, the opposite is true! By introducing meal options your guests may not have otherwise tried, you allow them the opportunity to enjoy dishes they didn’t even have the chance to know they loved!

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Search for Creative, Memorable Options

The key to keeping your guests alert during long corporate meetings lies in keeping them stimulated and interested in their surroundings as a whole. As long as your guests are engaged in an interesting, exciting meal, they’ll have no problem focusing, networking, and growing within your business! 

As you search for an event space, look for meal options that include unusual or intriguing ingredients. Give every guest something to talk about, and you won’t have any problems creating a memorable corporate event! 

It all comes down to this: as long as your diners enjoy what is on their plates, they will leave your dinner feeling satisfied. Coletta’s extensive menu includes the variety you need to make sure every guest feels appreciated.

Inclusive Kosher Dining with Coletta

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A meal at Coletta is guaranteed to be more than just a dish; it is a true culinary experience.

Chef Guy Vaknin’s creative spin on Italian cuisine is seen throughout the menu, from brick oven pizzas to unforgettable pasta dishes. Every bite of our innovative menu is kosher certified and vegan, made from only the freshest ingredients! Our chefs are professionally trained, promising to serve food designed with the best health of our guests (and the planet) in mind.

Our dining space, designed by professionals of Studio RB, combines rustic materials with soft, vintage-inspired details to create an intimate, comforting space. Diners have the opportunity to enjoy gorgeous murals, custom seating, and vibrant ambiance as they enjoy a fresh perspective on Italian cuisine. 

Enjoy hosting your next private dinner or corporate event in our unique space, or sample dishes beforehand using our convenient takeout and delivery options