best pizza at Coletta nyc

Best Brick Oven Pizza in Gramercy Park

Everyone knows some of the best pizza in the world can be found right here in New York. With its signature chewy crust, creamy cheese, and seasoned tomato sauce, New York City has earned its hard-won title as the best pizza city in America! Of every option available, no pizza is more flavorful, or more addictive than the classic brick oven pizza, and no brick oven pizza in Gramercy Park is better than that found at Coletta.

Enjoy authentic brick oven pizza at the hottest new restaurant in Gramercy! The latest restaurant from world-renowned Chef Guy Vaknin, Coletta has already carved a name for itself through its diverse Italian, all completely vegan and certified Kosher.

To find out more about what Coletta has to offer, explore our menu and place an order for takeout or delivery today. 

The Most Flavorful Crust

Brick Oven Pizza

The truest sign of a brick oven pizza can be found in the foundation of every bite: the crust.

Unlike conventional ovens, which are powered by gas or electricity, a traditional brick oven draws its heat from a real fire. The flavor of smokey, burning wood chips enhances the natural flavors of the crust, creating an unforgettably mouthwatering result. 

Because the burning fire in a brick oven keeps the oven at a high, consistent temperature, the crust has the benefit of cooking remarkably quick, allowing it to cook thoroughly without drying out. The result is a chewy, moist crust that still maintains a crispy exterior. You’ll know you’re eating a brick oven pizza crust by the black, deliciously toasted bottom. 

The Crispiest Vegan Toppings

Crispiest Vegan Toppings

While the crust provides much of the signature, toasted flavor of a brick oven pizza, the most visible signs are in the roasted toppings and bubbling sauce. At Coletta, we make use of the freshest, most creative toppings to create unforgettable flavors. In our restaurant, you will enjoy options like:


  • Fresh mission figs
  • Seared wild mushrooms
  • Caramelized onions
  • Truffle and chili oil
  • Buttermilk fried chick’n
  • Shaved celery
  • Vegan “pepperoni” slices


In place of traditional dairy cheeses, every brick oven pizza offered at Coletta utilizes completely vegan, thus dairy-free options. Instead of plain store-bought mozzarella, you can savor a completely original blue “cheese” crema, lemon “ricotta,” or fresh vegan ‘mozzarella.’ 

Whether you are hoping for fresh takes on old classics or something entirely new, you’ll find the fix for your craving with the best brick oven pizza in Gramercy!

Best Brick Oven Pizza in Town: Coletta

Brick Oven Pizza at Coletta

Once you’ve tasted an actual brick oven pizza from Coletta, there is no longer any question about what pizza is best. Coletta provides the most flavorful pizza with the greatest number of deliciously flavored, creative options. No matter what you’re hoping for, we can guarantee you find it on our menu!

Looking for something sweet? Try our fig jam and “prosciutto” pizza! In the place of traditional tomato-based sauce, we use a richly flavored, housemade jig jam as the base of this amazingly creative option. Vegan parmesan and fresh figs form the next delectable layer. Add a final sprinkling of fresh, peppery arugula and a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar, and you have a pizza you’ll never forget!

Other mouthwatering options on this menu include:

  • Margherita pizza with housemade tomato sauce, fresh basil, “Mozzarella,” evoo, and toasted pine nuts
  • Wild mushroom truffle pizza, made with seared wild mushrooms, truffle oil, caramelized cipollini onions, lemon “ricotta,” fresh rosemary, crema, and spicy red chili flakes
  • Our buffalo chick’n pizza with vegan chick’n, buffalo sauce, shaved celery, and our own blue “cheese” crema
  • The classic “pepperoni” pizza, constructed with fresh, completely vegan ingredients


Each twelve-inch pizza is perfectly proportioned to keep you full without weighing you down, making it ideal for your next lunch or dinner. Pair your pizza with options like our fresh olive oil and rosemary bread or “tuna” crudo to enjoy a satisfying Italian meal!

The choices don’t stop there. Our food was made to travel; whether you hope to take a long, relaxing break in our gorgeously designed restaurant or take your food on the go, you can enjoy the same delicious flavors. With our private dining options, you can even make Coletta a part of your next party, celebration, or big family gathering!