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Is Kosher Vegan? Discover 4 Surprising Facts

Though hundreds of millions of people around the world live under the rules of kosher food preparation, a vegan lifestyle, or both, confusion reigns involving how these two lifestyles blend. For instance, is Kosher vegan? Discover four shocking facts you never knew about these philosophies!

Coletta takes pride in helping diners all over New York City live the best, most fulfilling versions of their kosher or vegan lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for experts in certified kosher food preparation, a clean vegan meal, or just new ways to explore the culinary world around you, you’ll find the Italian cuisine you’ve been craving with Coletta.

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What You Never Knew About Kosher and Vegan Foods

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Is kosher food always vegan? Is vegan food always kosher? Find out the answer to all your questions and more!

  1.  “Kosher” and “Vegan” are Not the Same…

Just because a menu item comes with a vegan label does not always guarantee it also follows the laws of kosher food preparation. Before food can be considered certified kosher, it must pass a rigorous examination from a rabbinic association. During this inspection, rabbis check every ingredient, tool, and step in the cooking process to guarantee everything meets the rigorous standards of kosher law.

Only after a restaurant or food has completed this examination can diners rest easy, safe in the knowledge that their meal has been prepared to honor their religious and cultural standards. 

  1.  ….. But They Can Be!

That being said, because most of the laws of kosher food preparation include instructions on how to handle meat and dairy, most vegan foods easily pass this examination! 

Not every vegan restaurant can truly be considered certified kosher, but with only a few extra steps and training, most vegan restaurants can easily pass the test, allowing for a delicious and culturally sensitive dining experience. 

  1.  “Vegan” Includes All Animal Involvement

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While kosher laws only cover food preparation and consumption, a vegan lifestyle is much more expansive, covering all aspects of dining, dressing, and life. This means that, at a certain point, the similar rules surrounding these lifestyles diverge, leading down different paths.

A vegan lifestyle is about more than just food; it is a moral code that covers all aspects of clothing, dining, and life in general. According to the Vegan Society, for any food or other item to be considered fully vegan, it must “as far as possible and practical, be entirely free from animal involvement.”

Under these standards, it is not enough for food to simply be free of meat and dairy. It must not profit in any way from the abuse or ill-treatment of animals, including animal testing. By contrast, though the Jewish cultural beliefs also disapprove of unnecessary cruelty towards any creature, the specific laws of kosher involve only how food is prepared.

  1.  All Utensils Must be Kosher

It is not enough for kosher food to just be free of certain meat and dairy products; it also must be prepared completely free of any cross-contamination!

“Cross-contamination” means the accidental use of one utensil for multiple, different ingredients. In most busy restaurants, certain small amounts of cross-contamination are an unfortunate part of life. A busy chef might unthinkingly use the same knife to chop both their cheese and fruits, or the same cutting board might be used to prepare both pork and beef. 

While most cooks might not see the problem in this, those trained in the art of kosher food preparation understand the grave nature of this oversight. In breezing past the laws of kosher food preparation, a cook shows a level of disrespect towards not only their diners but an entire centuries-old culture. 

By seeking out restaurants with a fully certified kosher menu, diners can enjoy their meals safe in the knowledge that they are doing so under the surveillance of chefs professionally educated in their unique cultural needs. 

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Certified Kosher Dining in Gramercy Park

When seeking out certified kosher dining in Gramercy Park, look no further than Coletta! Our professionally trained staff understand the intricate ins and outs of both kosher and vegan food preparation. 

Stop by our gorgeously designed space to enjoy an indulgent vegan experience! Lounge, catch up with your loved ones, and savor the opportunity to bond over rich Italian flavors every diner is guaranteed to enjoy. If time is a concern, take advantage of our simple online ordering system to enjoy your meal on the go.