Criss Cross, Chardonnay at Coletta in NYC

Criss Cross, Chardonnay at Coletta in NYC

All too often, cruelty-free diners find themselves looking for ways to politely pass on appetizers and drinks they may have otherwise enjoyed. But with so many delicious, cruelty-free wines available in today’s modern market– including the Criss Cross Chardonnay at Coletta in NYC– you can savor all the amazing possibilities of a vegan lifestyle. 

For your next happy hour, brunch, or dinnertime catch-up, consider investing in a dining experience you won’t soon forget. Our gorgeously designed restaurant perfectly combines elegance with relaxation, making it the best place to sit back and savor the specific flavors of any cruelty-free glass of wine. Consider pairing your glass with an item from our cruelty-free menu for a truly wonderful dining experience.

To see the creative flair for yourself, explore our menu.  Ready to be wowed? Come down to our neighborhood to enjoy a full culinary experience, or place an order for pickup or delivery and take your meal on the go. 

Tart, Delicious Chardonnay at Coletta in NYC

Criss Cross, Chardonnay at Coletta in NYC

Whether you’ve had the blessing of a full education in wine or if you’re new to the game, you’re sure to appreciate the gracefully complementary flavors in the Criss Cross chardonnay at Coletta in NYC. Best of all, you can enjoy every sip free of guilt, safe in the knowledge that you’re indulging in compassionately fermented wine. 

Rather than taking the easy route– a route which so often involves the use of animal cruelty and unsavory by-products– Criss Cross works in small batches, ensuring that every step of the process is conducted with care and love. 

This joint venture between LangeTwins Winery and Vino del Sol takes pride in offering premium wines at an accessible price, allowing people from all over the luxury of tasting this treat for themselves. The final products are fruit-forward, affordable, and delicious to the very last drop. 

This fine chardonnay is no different. 

Filled with delightfully lively flavors, notes of apple and bright citrus play at the forefront of each sip. An ever-so-slight sweetness, almost reminiscent of apple pie, dances in the backdrop, adding something unbelievably special. The texture is full-bodied and almost creamy in its richness, meaning that this wine is just as delicious alone as it is when paired with a cruelty-free meal. 

Pairing this Wine

When pairing a chardonnay, it’s good to keep in mind that the light citrus notes work best with flavors that work alongside them rather than attempting to cover them up. For example, a dish heavy on bitter greens will only cover up the fruity sweetness, making the lemony notes feel overpowering by contrast. The result will be a sour, dry wine that scarcely resembles the delicate glass you originally ordered.

To bring out the best of not only the meal but the wine itself, look for light dishes with hints of seafood, citrus, and cheese. Naturally, seafood and cheese won’t commonly appear on a vegan’s plate, but thankfully, Coletta is here to help.

To make the most of every possible moment, try pairing your Criss Cross Chardonnay with any of these popular dishes:

  •  Our cultured “cheese” board appetizer, with a creative blend of snackable “ricotta,” herbs de Provence, “Cambleu,” fresh figs, “prosciutto,” caper berries, “pepperoni,” and fig jam, served alongside olive and rosemary bread
  • A light lemon “ricotta” toast, prepared with grilled sourdough, date honey, pistachios, fennel pollen, lemon zest, and flavorful micro mint
  • More filling “tuna” carpaccio flavored with capers and lemon zest, topped with micro arugula, black pepper, fine black truffle oil, and avocado mousse
  • Hearty campanelle al Tartufo– available gluten-free on request– topped with a light cream sauce, maitake mushrooms, black truffle oil, fresh rosemary, and porcini powder
  • Our crowd-pleasing fig jam and “prosciutto” pizza, woodfired and flavored with housemade fig jam, fresh mission figs, “prosciutto,” baby arugula, extra virgin olive oil, “parmesan,” and aged balsamic

No matter what you’re looking for– be that a light snack, small lunch, or filling dinner– you’ll find what you need at Coletta, always presented fresh, gorgeous, and with that special City Roots flair.

Experience a Night at Coletta in NYC

dessert at Coletta NYC

Invest in a quality night with friends, sharing a delicious meal in one of the only restaurants guaranteed to meet any dietary need. Come down to our NYC location to enjoy a night you won’t soon forget! Not feeling up to a night on the town? Simply explore our full menu or place an order today!