Strawberry Mint

Strawberry Lemon Mint Soda from Coletta in NYC

The next time you crave a flavorful beverage, enjoy a strawberry lemon mint soda from Coletta in NYC. At Coletta, we truly believe in inclusive options no matter your need, ensuring that everyone who steps foot in our gorgeous restaurant feels right at home.

The experts at Coletta take pride in presenting more than just food. Rather, we guarantee to deliver a completely vegan dining experience, from starter to dessert to delightfully bubbly beverages throughout. In addition to our fully stocked bar, indulge in a playfully flavorful soda made with the same level of care as every item on our full menu. Enjoy the ultimate relaxing meal, perfect for a mid-afternoon break or as a cozy ending to a busy day.

Our wide selection of wine is only the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about what Coletta has to offer, explore our food menu, pick out your next favorite drink, or order your dinner to-go through the easy online pickup and delivery option. 

Strawberry Lemon Mint Soda, Brewed with Care

At Coletta, we treat every step of the dining process with the same level of care and love. In keeping with our mission statement, every item on our inclusive menu is cooked, brewed, or prepared using only the freshest, most wholesome ingredients available on the local market. We care about more than just the bottom line; we care about your overall health, wellness, and experience as a compassionate diner!

Our strawberry lemon mint soda provides the perfect example of this. 

This flavor blend was carefully concocted with your health and experience in mind. Light, fresh, and ever-so-slightly sweet, it provides the perfect alternative to artificially flavored, overpoweringly sugary sodas. 

Just by trading one soda per day for this delicate option, you can improve your overall physical wellness by more than you might have ever imagined. What’s more, the sheer act of investing in yourself pays off in dividends towards your mental health as well. 

Don’t rush through life; take the time to truly savor every moment. Treat yourself to a soda that’s as good for you as it is for your community. 

Alcohol-Free Alternatives at Coletta

Strawberry Mint

In the end, true acceptance and inclusivity lay at the heart of every decision behind the full Coletta menu. As such, we are proud to offer a whole host of alcohol-free options. In addition to the typical options, step into our gorgeously designed restaurant to make the most of your afternoon with any of our flavorful, soda beverage options. 

Want something fizzy but not in the mood for a bubbly cocktail? No worries! Place an order for any of these refreshing, sparkling soda options:

  • Housemade strawberry lemon mint soda, lightly sweet and delicious to the last drop
  • Grapefruit lime peach soda, made fresh in-house with natural fruit
  • Traditional soda options, including Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Ginger Ale
  • Sparkling water, the perfect option to kick up an afternoon without changing from your healthy routine

Feeling that mid-afternoon exhaustion? Kick up your afternoon with any of our deliciously caffeinated coffee options:

  • Freshly brewed espresso
  • A hot americano
  • Unforgettably smooth and creamy latte
  • The classic cappuccino
  • Warm and comforting Earl Grey tea
  • Complex and nutty toasted green tea

For the perfect non-caffeinated option to serve as a gentle nightcap to your day, order a cup of warm, soothing chamomile tea. Of course, all our drink options are available with either full, rich oat milk or our lighter almond milk option.

To truly make the most of your dining experience, order any of these beverages alongside a cruelty-free dessert. After all, what could possibly be a better boost to a busy afternoon than a piping hot espresso, served alongside a slice of vegan tiramisu? 

Finding the Break You Need at Coletta

Prosecco Treviso Brut At NYC

There’s no way around it: sometimes, no matter how much you rest or focus on your ambitions, you just need a break. On days like this, know you’re not alone. Rather than pushing yourself beyond your limits, take the break you need, and experience for yourself how positively this can impact the rest of your day.

To learn more, check out our full website, come down to our new location– conveniently located in the heart of Grammercy, NYC– or place an order today!