Guido Berta, Moscato d'Asti at Coletta in NYC

Guido Berta, Moscato d’Asti at Coletta in NYC

In many ways, a cruelty-free life has never been simpler; unfortunately, in many others, it’s never been more difficult. Because all elements of our world are so intertwined, there thankfully exists a huge awareness of the need for healthy meal options free of animal products. However, many other areas of dining preparation often rely on the use of chemicals derived from cast-aside animal by-products; wine is one such example. For truly cruelty-free wine that won’t leave you stressed, enjoy the Guido Berta, Moscato d’Asti at Coletta in NYC!

Coletta has established a reputation as one of the most delicious, creative vegan restaurants in NYC. Our chefs work tirelessly to present innovative takes on Italian classics, all served entirely vegan and kosher-certified. No matter their interests, lifestyle, or background, every guest is sure to find something to love at Coletta. That rule extends to every portion of our restaurant, including our bar.

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The Guido Berta Moscato d’Asti

Even among newcomers to the wide world of wine, the word “Moscato” is likely to ring familiar. This sweet, perfumed wine is generally recognized as an easy wine for beginners, particularly those with a penchant for more fruit-forward cocktails. Made from muscat grapes– which tend to leave behind a larger amount of residual sugar than other varieties– this wine carries with it a naturally bright flavor that leaves many reaching for a second glass before they’ve even finished the first.

The Guido Berta Moscato d’Asti is no different.

This wine is guaranteed to stand out, even in a crowd of well-selected wine varieties. Gently sparkling and a beautiful shade of yellow, it carries a hint of elegance and fun that is hard to match.  

Notes of pear and apple dance across the tongue, drawing attention with a strong, sweet, and fruity pull. However, this wine is not limited to simple sweetness. Complex hints of honeysuckle and floral undertones pull every glass back down to earth, providing a strong foundation on which to contemplate every sip. 

While simpler Moscato varieties rely heavily on their sweetness, this Guido Berta wine is extraordinarily fresh in its intensity, offering a surprisingly full palette. This is no simple wine. Rather, it is the product of years of study, all culminating in an inclusive wine for beginners that is equally as likely to leave connoisseurs begging for more.

Pairing the Guido Berta, Moscato d’Asti

Coletta desserts

For simple, straightforward Moscato, the pairing process is easy: simply serve it alongside meals that complement its sweetness. With unique, complex flavor profiles like those found in the Guido Berta Mocaso, however, diners have options.

Hoping to enjoy this glass alongside a more savory, salty meal? Try selecting from among one of the following delicious, cruelty-free offerings at Coletta:

  • Cultured “cheese” board, arranged with only fresh, vegan options: “ricotta,” herbs de Provence, “cambleu,” fresh figs, “prosciutto,” caper berries, “pepperoni,” apricot marmalade, and olive and rosemary bread
  • “Steak” tartare, made using capers, shallots, dijon mustard, black seaweed caviar, whipped truffle “ricotta,” and sourdough crostini
  • Sunchoke and “scallop” risotto, made with a foundation of arborio rice and flavored with king oyster mushroom “scallops,” sunchoke puree, micro seagrass, chili oil, “parmesan,” and sunchoke chips

You’ll be amazed to see the differences that appear in every sip once you pair this playful Moscato with the salty, savory, and herbal flavors above.

Once you’re ready to transition into the dessert portion of this evening, order another glass and stand in awe at the different flavors highlighted by one of our crowd-pleasing desserts:

  • Dark chocolate and lavender lava cake, with steaming chocolate ganache, hot chocolate sauce, crispy caramel tuile, and a sprinkling of sea salt
  • Coletta tiramisu, prepared with espresso liqueur-infused ladyfingers, Madagascar vanilla cream, shaved dark chocolate, and cocoa powder
  • Sicilian olive oil cake with citrus vanilla sponge cake, housemade mascarpone, rosemary chips, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon zest

Whoever said that delicious, creamy desserts can’t be vegan?

Planning the Perfect Evening at Coletta in NYC

assorted food at coletta

Craving more playful flavors? Look no further than the cocktail menu of the Coletta bar! Allow our expert staff to help you find your next favorite drink. Getting hungry? No worries! That same staff can work alongside you to help you pair each drink to its ideal match. 

If a cozy night in is more your speed, simply look through our full menu and use our easy online ordering system to place your order for pickup or delivery. No matter what you’re craving, allow us to serve you!