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Best Italian Meat Substitutes

As a vegan, eating culturally-specific foods can be a tricky balance. It’s natural to desire mouthwatering meals inspired by cultures from all over the globe, but if that culture does not already have a prevalent vegan presence, it may seem impossible to find the fix for your craving.

Luckily, Coletta makes Italian dining easy with some of the very best Italian meat substitutes! Explore flavors from all over this inspiring country, from Northern Italy to the Southern coastline, all from the comfort of Gramercy, NYC. Every bite on this innovative menu is completely vegan, kosher, and prepared using the freshest, most delicious ingredients. 


To learn more about everything Coletta has to offer, explore our menu, or place an order to sample this creative cuisine for yourself. 

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Seafood Substitutes

While most associate Italian foods with pasta, many classic Italian dishes have one component in common: seafood.

Because of this country’s prominent position in the Mediterranean sea, seafood of all types has played an important part in this country’s trade, history, and cuisine. Now, with help from Coletta, vegans all over the city can partake in these classic dishes, completely cruelty-free! 

Check out a few of the ways that Coletta utilizes the best Italian meat substitutes to bring all that sought-after Italian flavor in new ways:

Shellfish Substitutes

Diners with shellfish allergies will be pleased to know that, finally, they can enjoy delicious Italian seafood, free of fear! Rather than relying on clams, mussels, or squid, Coletta uses a blend of delicious plants to present beautifully arranged meals with all the same texture and flavor of traditional shellfish. 

For example, rather than using scallops in our Sunchoke and “Scallop” Risotto, we use expertly prepared king oyster mushrooms. Every seafood dish, from our crispy calamari appetizer to the delicate squid ink ravioli, is completely vegan and cruelty-free!

Fish Substitutes

Craving the savory and fresh flavors of raw seafood? Look no further than our Tuna Crudo. Rather than actual tuna, we use the innovative Current Foods and black truffle “caviar” to create a dish you won’t soon forget. 

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More Outstanding Substitutions with Coletta

Whether you’re craving hearty, savory dishes or light lunch, Coletta has you covered with all the best Italian meat substitutes. Though completely vegan, these creatively inspired dishes were not designed to simply check off a vegan box on a menu. They pack a big Italian flavor, guaranteeing a dinner every friend or family member will enjoy!

Check out just a few of the other easy, delicious meat substitutes diners can experience on the Coletta menu:

  • Rather than beef, enjoy a seared seitan steak topped with marsala sauce and served with a side of baked lemon potatoes and grilled asparagus.
  • Looking for a chicken substitute? Try our chick’n linguini alfredo, prepared with grilled chick’n and tossed in a garlic cream sauce with vegan bac’n. 
  • For a delicious ground beef substitute, check out either our confit potato lasagna or baked rigatoni bolognese. Both are prepared using Impossible meat along with our own blend of unique spices, seasonings, and fresh veggies to create two dishes guaranteed to please. 
  • For a substitute for the classic pepperoni pizza, check out our vegan take on the classic “pepperoni” pizza. Everyone in your party, from child to adult, will adore this fresh, cruelty-free take on a timeless favorite. 
  • Missing out on the delicate flavor of salty prosciutto? You’ll find your fix with our fig jam and “prosciutto” pizza. This completely original Coletta dish combines the salty and sweet to offer guests something new with every bite.

We do not make our meat substitutions to simply mimic classic Italian meat flavors; they are designed to introduce something new, original, and delicious. With Coletta, dinner is more than simply food. It is an experience designed to impress and bring together the whole family!

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Vegan Dining Made Easy

All too often, people associate vegan dining with awkwardness and difficulty. Vegan diners are relegated to a small corner of the menu, where they become all too comfortable with plain salads or assembling a sad dinner out of flavorless sides. 

At Coletta, diners can experience vegan dining made easy. Every item on our menu is carefully crafted by professional chefs who understand the passion that goes behind this dietary decision. We care about our planet, our city, and our collective health.To learn more about Coletta’s passionate take on compassionate dining, come down to our new Gramercy location and experience the wonder for yourself. Not feeling up to a night out? No problem! Place an order online for pickup or delivery, and let us bring all the flavor to you.