Vegan Noodles at Coletta

4 Types of Vegan Noodle Dishes

Not all noodles are created equal. Though many amateur cooks struggle to discern various noodle types, the differences are both present and incredibly important to the overall quality of the dish. By treating every noodle the same, you run the risk of ruining an otherwise delicious meal by mismatching the noodle to the weight of your sauce. 

When enjoying a pasta dish prepared by the expert chefs at Coletta, they designed each bite with the perfect result in mind. With these five types of vegan noodle dishes, you are guaranteed to find your next favorite cruelty-free meal at Coletta!

To learn more about everything Coletta has to offer, check out our inclusive menu. Whether you consider yourself an omnivore, vegan, kosher, or gluten-free, you’ll find the fix for your craving at Coletta.

vegan noodles at Coletta

Best Vegan Noodle Dishes

Gone are the days of plain marinara. With creative options from Coletta, vegan diners from all over the city can finally feel free to experiment with never-before-experienced flavor combinations. 


From completely original fare to old favorites, our menu promises more than just variety; it promises fun!

Penne Alla Vodka

As the name would suggest, penne alla vodka is traditionally prepared using the thin, tube-shaped penne pasta and a splash of real vodka. Though you may need an ID to buy the ingredients for this dish, don’t worry; nearly all the alcohol cooks out, leaving behind a mild flavor completely safe for diners of all ages to enjoy.


This dish typically calls for cream, but Coletta’s own penne alla vodka is completely dairy-free. Instead, we thicken our sauce with a vegan crema, topped with fresh, green oregano for a savory flavor you won’t soon forget. This kosher-certified dish can also be prepared gluten-free, making it the perfect order for diners of any health or cultural background.

Baked Rigatoni Bolognese

Unlike the slightly thinner composition of penne pasta, rigatoni is thick, hearty, and usually covered in small ridges that help the sauce cling without falling off. This tube-shaped pasta is heavy enough to stand up to baking without growing soft and mushy, making it the ideal pasta for the classic Italian baked rigatoni bolognese. 


Similar to a ragu, a bolognese sauce is incredibly thick and filling, with a touch of cream and tomato. While most bolognese sauces call for either beef or pork, Coletta keeps this dish vegan with the help from Impossible meat. Our bolognese is completely free of dairy as well, utilizing melted vegan “ricotta” to add that salty, cheesy finish diners associate with this classic Italian dish.

Baked Rigatoni Bolognese


A classic favorite, this dish needs no introduction. With its layers of meat, veggies, cheese, and sauce separated by layered beds of lasagna noodles, this dish has solidified its role as a staple in classic Italian cuisine.


Coletta adds its own creative twist to this classic dish, using potato pasta, Impossible meat, fresh garlic, and vegan “mozzarella” to bring a brand new spin to this old favorite. As always, our signature marinara sauce is fresh, in-house by our dedicated professional cooks.

Linguini Alfredo

The richest, creamiest dish on our list, linguini alfredo, is undoubtedly one of the most popular Italian dishes. These long, flat noodles provide plenty of surface area for this salty cheese sauce to cling to. The finished product is a dish that is as fun to eat as it is delicious; so you can slurp these long noodles without judgment!

Most commonly, this dish is served with a topping of grilled chicken, but at Coletta, we prefer a different take. We use vegan chick’n to provide guests with a dish that is just as delicious but completely cruelty-free. Our garlic cream sauce has all the thick texture this dish is known for without the unnecessary dairy, creating a compassionate dish that’s big on bold flavor.

Linguini Alfredo at Coletta

Compassionate Italian Dining with Coletta

When it comes down to it, Coletta cares: about our planet, your health, and your overall experience. Every moment, from the second you walk through our doors to the moment you leave, has been thought out to provide a special dining experience.

For all the flavor without any of the fuss, take advantage of our easy online ordering system, and allow us to bring dinner to you.