Vegan Italian Pizza at Coletta

Best Vegan Italian Food in NYC

When most people think of Italian food, a few of the typical staples spring to mind: plates of pasta, Tuscan seafood, and classic meatball dishes. While many of these classics typically call for dairy and meat, there’s no reason why these trusted favorites can’t easily be made cruelty free! Whether they make use of delicious vegan substitutes or are “accidentally veggie,” you’re sure to love any of these best Italian vegan dishes.

The chefs at Coletta take care of every dish, diligently using the best practices to make every Italian meal both completely vegan and kosher-certified. Then, they add that signature Coletta touch to elevate every bite to something altogether new!

To see the creative flair for yourself, explore our menu. Ready to be wowed? Come down to Gramercy Park, NYC to enjoy a full culinary experience, or place an order for pickup or delivery and take your meal on the go. 

Best Italian Food, Made Vegan

vegan Italian food at Coletta

Italian food may best be known for its hearty carb and meat-based meals, but that certainly isn’t the case for every classic dish! Whether you are looking for a light snack or something to keep you full throughout the day, there are plenty of Italian vegan dishes to choose from. Just keep an eye out for “accidentally” vegan favorites, and when necessary, take advantage of all the amazing substitutions available in today’s diverse culinary market!


An often overlooked favorite, bruschetta proves the adage that “delicious” does not have to mean “complicated.” This light appetizer is about as easy as it gets! 

Start with toasting thin slices of fresh bread until light and crispy. From there, take a whole, raw clove of garlic and gently scrape it across the surface. The natural grooves in the toasted bread will serve as a kind of natural grater, breaking the garlic down for you. While you can use a dried alternative, raw garlic will provide a level of gentle heat and bold flavor that is sure to make this a memorable appetizer.

The rest of the process is simple. Simply dice a tomato into thin cubes and mix it with chopped basil, a drizzle of olive oil, and sweet balsamic. Spoon your dip onto your garlic toast, sprinkle with fresh salt and pepper, and enjoy!

At Coletta, we take this classic snack a step further by combining caramelized figs, baked “ricotta,” and pistachios. Chili offsets the elegant sweetness with a bit of added heat, while farm-fresh arugula salad sets this appetizer apart. As with everything, the expert chefs elevate this classic from a deliciously simple snack into something meant to be truly savored!

Bruschetta at Coletta


A vegan lifestyle does not mean limiting yourself to only foods that naturally fit into your cruelty-free lifestyle. In today’s world, with so many amazing meat substitutes available to choose from, you will have no problem digging into your version of Italian vegan dishes like these hearty meatballs!

Start by mixing your chosen meat substitute with breadcrumbs, garlic, finely chopped onion, and any seasonings you may want. The breadcrumbs cut the heaviness of this dish while also soaking up some of the excess moisture. 

Roll your finished combination into balls roughly two inches in diameter. In a pan preheated to medium heat, give the meatballs a quick sear to add some color and lock in the juices. From here, your options vary: either bake them the rest of the way in the oven or allow them to slow cook in a mix of your favorite vegetable marinara!

To jump right into a meal that you are guaranteed to enjoy, try Coletta’s puttanesca “meatballs.” Cooked with capers, kalamata olives, and Roma tomatoes, these “meatballs” pack a surprisingly salty, savory kick. A drizzle of lemon brown “butter” sauce and “mozzarella” finish this dish with a classic Italian flavor; enjoy soaking up every bit of extra sauce with the provided parsley garlic knots!

Italian Vegan Dining with Coletta

vegan steak at Coletta

Whether you stick to classic vegetarian options or explore the wide world of substitutions, you’re guaranteed to find creative inspiration from Coletta’s diverse menu

Our expert chefs know and understand the challenge it can be to find delicious vegan options on most menus. In service to the City Roots mission to create food that benefits all customers– and the planet we all share– our chefs have taken care to create the most inspired, creative Italian dishes on the market: all entirely vegan and kosher-certified!

Choose from among options like:

  • “Steak” marsala, made in house from seared seitan with our marsala sauce, baked lemon potatoes, and grilled asparagus
  • Sunchoke and “scallop” risotto, served with arborio rice and a sunchoke puree, king oyster mushroom “scallops,” and topped with a drizzle of seagrass chili oil and vegan parmesan 
  • Rigatoni alla Norma, available gluten-free and served with our housemade Roma tomato sauce, roasted eggplant, “ricotta,” and fresh basil

No matter your tastes, you will have no problem finding something to love in our cozy, gorgeously designed restaurant. Don’t feel like an evening out? No problem! Take advantage of our online pickup and delivery options.