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Best Wine Pairings for your Favorite Vegan Meals

A delicious vegan meal is a staple for a great day; that same meal paired with the perfect glass of wine instantly becomes elevated to true luxury. You don’t have to be an expert to find the best wine pairings for your favorite vegan meals. With help from this easy guide, you’ll have a breeze navigating the world of fine Italian cuisine!

The experts at Coletta take pride in presenting more than just food. Instead, they deliver a completely vegan dining experience from starter to dessert. Now, with our fully stocked bar, enjoy the ultimate relaxing meal, perfect for a mid-afternoon break or as a cozy ending to a busy day. See these wine pairings for your favorite vegan meals below. 

Our wide selection of wine is only the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about what Coletta has to offer, explore our food menu, pick out your next favorite drink, or order your dinner to-go through the easy online pickup and delivery option. 

Wine Pairings Made Simple

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Though red wine can still contain lighter floral notes or a hint of sweetness, the typical red is known for its strong flavor, earthy background, and dry palette. As such, most red wines pair best with equally strong flavors, especially those with a hint of acidity to balance that signature dryness.

Generally speaking, the dryer and stronger the red, the stronger the culinary flavor you pair it with should be.

For carnivores, reds are generally associated with heavy meats, but vegetarians can take advantage of this bold flavor just as easily! 

Try pairing a heavy Impossible meat bolognese or deliciously hearty lasagna with a chianti for a wine that can stand its own against all that savory goodness. Thinking about ordering tomato-based pasta? Ask your server about any medium-bodied red blends on the menu. A combination of subtle sweetness will provide the perfect contrast, while the natural dryness of the red will ensure that your meal can stand its own.

If you’re hoping to close out your meal with the perfect combination, pair your next dark chocolate or tiramisu with a pinot noir. Savor every perfectly paired bite!


While red wines pair best with strong, bold flavors, the sweet, sharp flavor of a delicious white can bring out the best in every bite of lighter, more delicate options. 

Generally speaking, any dish containing crisp, juicy fruits like apples, pears, or figs pair best with a semi-sweet white wine. Next time you find yourself craving a fig and “feta” salad or Coletta’s fig and “prosciutto” pizza, sip on a pinot grigio. The slight dryness and hint of sweetness are perfectly designed to bring out the brightness of the vegan cheese and the slightly salty flavor of our “prosciutto.” 

For the perfect pairing to your next vegan seafood, turn to a dry white; we suggest a sauvignon blanc. The crisp, serious flavor will draw out the mild notes of your vegan calamari or “tuna” crudo without covering up that natural flavor with too much sweetness. Be aware though: mushrooms, no matter how they are prepared, contain deliciously subtle earthy notes. If your seafood substitute utilizes oyster mushrooms– like Coletta’s sunchoke and “scallop” risotto– you may still want to keep your eyes on the list of reds. 

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Sparkling Bubbles

Some say that sparkling wine can turn any occasion into a celebration, and at Coletta, we wholeheartedly agree!

In addition to the slight carbonation, sparkling wines contain a bold sweetness that perfectly pairs with both “cheese” dishes and lighter desserts. Early in your meal, try pairing a delicious prosecco with a vegan charcuterie board, or to save your party for the end, pair this same wine with the delicate vanilla notes in a vegan panna cotta.

However you sip, make sure you sip right with help from the expertly trained staff at Coletta. 

When in Doubt: Ask the Professionals

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If you find yourself feeling like a deer in headlights as you stare down the wine menu, unsure of where to start, don’t stress. Instead, reach out for help. At Coletta, we take pride in offering the incredible service that will help you make selections based on your tastes, all prepared by professionals with a true passion for vegan, kosher-certified cooking! 

Even wine connoisseurs often find themselves daunted by the tricky task of identifying a perfect pairing. There is no exact science to matters of personal taste, so reach out for help, work with what you know, and feel free to try new flavor combinations until you find the perfect fit for you.

Has there ever been a more fun experiment?

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