Kosher Italian Food

How to Make Kosher Italian Food

Hosting any dinner party can be a challenge. It takes an intimate knowledge of your guests, and their unique cultures, backgrounds, and personal tastes. By presenting guests with a meal that shows an understanding of their dietary preferences, you show your guests the extent to which you care.

Now, with these easy tips from Coletta, you’ll have no problem making kosher food from Italy a new part of your next dinner party!

Coletta is an exciting vegan dining experience here to wow NYC locals and tourists alike. Explore our menu to learn more about how we bring Chef Guy Vaknin’s fresh take to Italian classics and place an order today to sample these world-inspired flavors for yourself. 

Tips for Kosher Italian Food

Kosher Italian Food at Coletta

To an outsider, the laws of kosher food preparation may initially appear dizzyingly complicated. As with much of life, these laws are constantly adapting and shifting with time, meaning one diner’s kosher preference may not be the same as the next. When the restrictions of classically Italian food are added to the mix, these laws can feel even more confining. 

Don’t worry! With a little education and a few helpful tips, you’ll have no problem keeping guests of every dietary preference feeling full and respected.

Avoid Meat-based Products

Doubtlessly, the most complex Kosher laws are those that deal with meat and meat-based products. Only certain species of fish and birds are considered allowable, and other common animals, like pigs, are banned entirely. The permitted meat must be slaughtered, cured, and prepared following incredibly specific rules.

The easiest way for a beginner to get around these stringent laws without accidentally breaking any religious codes is to avoid meat-based products entirely!

By preparing your Italian dishes free from meat and dairy, you virtually ensure that every bite your guests enjoy is completely Kosher and safe for consumption. Not only that, you can know whether your guests are omnivores, vegetarian, or vegan, everyone will find something to enjoy on their plate, making an overall more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

vegan food at coletta

Invest in Fresh Ingredients

Any experienced cook could tell you, your dinner is only going to be as tasty as the ingredients you use to make it. An investment in fresh ingredients is an investment in the overall quality of your food!

When shopping, be sure to pick up fresh herbs to elevate your Italian dishes to the next level. At Coletta, we make full use of green rosemary, basil, and oregano to bring that extra, authentic flavor so many New Yorkers have come to love. The bright colors, aromatic fragrance, and bold flavor more than make up the mild inconvenience of buying these herbs fresh.

Embrace New Flavors

When first learning about Italian food and culture, it’s best to keep things simple, but that doesn’t mean they should stay that way. 

For a truly memorable dinner party, study classic Italian dishes, then substitute ingredients as necessary to make this dish Kosher and cruelty-free. To create your own unique flavors, start with a simple classic, identify your favorite flavors, then purposefully enhance those within your dish. By making your own adjustments as you go, you can embrace new flavors and make kosher food from Italy as delicious as you want!

Adore a classic bruschetta but crave a bit more sweetness? Caramelize your onions and add a drizzle of agave nectar and balsamic vinegar over the finished product. Want a margarita pizza but tired of the same old flavor? A sprinkle of pine nuts will provide both a protein boost and an interesting new twist to this old dish.

Experiment! Play around with flavors and have fun, leading to your new favorite dish.

Enjoy Kosher Italian With Coletta

penne pasta at coletta

When you want all the flavor of kosher food from Italy without the work, enjoy a meal at Coletta! Regardless of whether you’re craving light “seafood” from the Italian coast or the heartier ragu of the countryside, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Coletta.

Our delectable options include favorites such as:

  • Our olive and rosemary bread served in a flowerpot with three mouthwatering vegan dips
  • “Squid” ink ravioli stuffed with creamy spinach “ricotta,” topped with a drizzle of our lemon butter and sage sauce
  • Confit potato lasagna constructed with layers of impossible meat, garlic, marinara sauce, and “mozzarella,” finished with fresh basil
  • The signature Coletta tiramisu, with delicate layers of vegan ladyfingers, Madagascar vanilla cream, shaved dark chocolate, cocoa, and a light sprinkling of lemon zest

Not feeling up to a night out? Place an order for pickup or delivery and have us bring the night to you!