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5 Ways to Spot a Kosher Restaurant in NYC

Knowing whether a restaurant truly follows the laws of kosher can be difficult; for a newbie to the lifestyle, it may feel impossible. These crucially important cultural guidelines affect everything from the ingredients used to the preparation style, making it a challenge to know whether your food is acceptable based on sight alone. 

Take advantage of this simple guide to learn 5 ways to spot a kosher restaurant in NYC!

Coletta is making a name for itself as a leading destination for kosher, vegan, and gluten-free Italian fare. From brick oven pizzas to unforgettably rich desserts, we guarantee you will enjoy every delicious, cruelty-free bite!

Look for a “Cruelty-free” or “Vegan” Label

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Nearly every law of kosher food preparation deals with the complicated ins-and-outs of how to prepare meat and dairy in a clean, acceptable fashion. These complex laws cover everything from what animals are allowed to how to carefully handle, cut, and prepare that meat. Ultimately, the easiest way to ensure your meal is kosher is to omit that element entirely!

By looking for restaurants catering to a plant-based diet like Coletta, you are more likely to find that they are certified Kosher. If you find that they are certified, and self-identify as vegan or cruelty-free, cross-contamination is less likely to occur, guaranteeing a safe, kosher dining experience.

Read Reviews

No matter what claims of greatness a restaurant may make, the reviews don’t lie. Before trying out a new restaurant, check out their online reviews to see what other diners have to say. Through many websites specializing in reviews, you can search for the word “kosher,” fast-tracking you to the information you need.

What if the restaurant is new, meaning no time to gather trustworthy reviews? No problem! Simply take a moment to research the owner’s other work. 

Take Coletta, while the new restaurant continues to build its own reputation, curious diners could read into Chef Guy Vaknin, the owner and founder. A quick search is enough to learn his sterling reputation among compassionate diners all over the city, state, and world, where he’s made a name for himself as a trustworthy source of kosher, cruelty-free dining options. 

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Study the Website

Still doubt if you trust a dining establishment? Take a moment to explore their website. See if they expressly state anywhere on their page a special interest in catering to diners of different preferences. 

Chances are, if a restaurant is looking to appeal to a kosher audience, you’ll find that detail somewhere on their personal history or “about” page. For us it’s front and center on our Welcome page

Peruse the Menu

Finally, take a moment to glance through the menu. In particular, study the ingredients. Make special note of whether most of the dishes seem to include elements of nonkosher ingredients. Look closely into the ingredients of their most popular sauces and sides. 

For example, do most of their dishes include the same shellfish cream sauce? Do they seem to season most of their veggie sides using pork fat or bacon? If so, you may be better off dining some place else; the risk of cross-contamination or poor communication spoiling your meal may be too great. 

Ideally, the menu should be clearly labeled, containing lists of fresh, easily-understood ingredients. The perfect kosher menu comes to you with nothing to hide, only a detailed roadmap of everything you can expect out of your meal. Check out our menu here to see what we mean. 


When in doubt, it never hurts to ask!

Contact the chef, hostess, or main office prior to ordering your meal, inquire whether the restaurant follows the laws of kosher food preparation. The right restaurant will know the answer immediately; if they have to research for themselves, that might be your sign to look elsewhere. 

Enjoy Eating Kosher with Coletta

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A kosher meal at Coletta is more than a simple dinner; it’s a culinary experience.

Our trained staff is fully educated on how to best meet the needs and expectations of a kosher diner, from start to finish. You’ll be wowed by the big flavor our chefs bring to the table, all with only fresh, completely vegan ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple, woodfired “pepperoni” pizza or the more adventurous flavor of our portobello carpaccio, you’ll find everything you need on our exclusively kosher menu.

Come out to North Gramercy to take in our stunning ambiance, complete with original murals from New York-based artist Lia Ali, or take advantage of our easy online system to place an order for pickup or delivery