Vegan Fig Recipes: Coletta in NYC

What is it about figs that feels so decadent? Originally grown across the Mediterranean hillsides, this now-global fruit still carries the elegance of ancient Greece. Figs have a sticky sweetness that somehow seems to enhance even the most savory of dishes; however, bringing forth this power is something of an art. To learn from the experts, try a few of these vegan fig recipes from Coletta in NYC!

Whether you’re seeking innovative new flavors in person or on the go, Coletta was made to inspire. Our chefs have learned the secret to creating truly crowd-pleasing vegan and kosher certified meals: cooking every dish with fresh, perfectly prepared ingredients, every time.

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Easy Vegan Fig Recipes at Home

Because figs are not among the most common fruits, learning how to bring out their fresh, sweet flavor can be a learning process. As you get the hang of it, try your hand at a few of these easy recipes, stamped with the Coletta seal of approval!

Creamy “Cheese” Stuffed Figs


  • 1 cup of fresh figs
    1/2 cup of vegan ricotta
    1 tablespoon of vegan parmesan
  • Drizzle of agave nectar
    1/2 cup of fresh blackberries
    1 vegan baguette


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Begin by cutting the top from each fig, then slicing longways. Using a paring knife, carefully slice an “X” into the open surface of each fig.
  3. Using a spoon, carefully open up each fig and place a small dollop of vegan ricotta into the center of each fig. Place each fig on a baking sheet with the skin side against the metal and “cheesy” goodness facing up.
  4. Place a drizzle of agave nectar over the figs, then allow them to bake for roughly twenty minutes.
  5. Remove the figs from the oven, and sprinkle vegan parmesan over the surface. Serve warm, spread over a toasted baguette, and with a side of fresh, cool blackberries for contrast. Enjoy!

Vegan Fig and Avocado Sandwich


  • Two slices of whole grain, vegan bread
    3 fresh figs
    1/2 cup of spinach
    1/2 an avocado
  • 1 raw clove of garlic
    Plant butter
    Salt and pepper (to taste)


  1. Begin by slicing the ripe avocado half into thin, creamy slices. Lay these across the bread, then sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  2. Cut the top of each fig, then dice lengthwise into quarters. Press these into the avocado.
  3. Layer the whole baby spinach across the top, then place the top slice of bread to hold everything in place.
  4. Warm your plant butter in a pan over medium heat, then carefully transfer your sandwich into the pan. Heat evenly on both sides, until the bread has reached a golden, crisp crunch.
  5. Finally, peel the garlic clove and gently rub it across the surface of the sandwich. The crispness of the toasted bread will function as a natural grater, shredding the garlic and adding a hot, mild kick to the creamy sweetness of this sandwich.

Fresh Figs with Coletta

Still need a little guidance on how to make the most of this unique ingredient? Look no further than the inclusive menu at Coletta. Our chefs take pride in elevating each dish to elegant sophistication, using unconventional ingredients to add that signature Coletta flair.

Come in to sample the flavors for yourself, and be wowed by the creativity our chefs bring to the table with every bite. Check out a few of our options:

  • Our fig jam and “prosciutto” pizza is flavored with housemade fig jam, fresh mission figs, vegan “prosciutto” slices, baby arugula, extra virgin olive oil, “parmesan,” and aged balsamic vinegar. Like all our pizza options, this dish comes bubbling and crisp, fresh out of our brick oven.
  • The fig and “feta” salad is served on a bed of fresh baby arugula and topped with mission figs, vegan “feta,” avocado, toasted pine nuts, and a housemade white balsamic glaze.
  • One of our most popular starters is the almond “ricotta” bruschetta. Prepared on a crisp, toasted baguette, this appetizer comes with baked “ricotta,” pistachios, chile, agave, fresh oregano, and– of course– caramelized mission figs, served with arugula salad.

Whether you are looking to dine in– enjoying your meal in the gorgeous atmosphere of our Gramercy, NYC location– or place your order for pickup or delivery, you’re guaranteed to find something you love on our full, inclusively designed menu.