Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Coletta in NYC

With healthy, nutritious vegan alternatives, you can feel free to indulge in all of your favorite guilty pleasure snacks, with all the flavor and none of the guilt! Nothing serves as a better example of this mantra than the vegan buffalo chicken pizza at Coletta in NYC.

Coletta is committed to providing delicious, cruelty-free alternatives that diners of any dietary preference can enjoy. With a few simple substitutions and a dash of creativity, the professional chefs behind our crowd-pleasing menu options elevate every classic favorite to a wholly sophisticated level.

Now, these same minds are bringing all the flavor of their cooking style to the world through easy, at-home recipes designed to help even a newcomer love all that a cruelty-free lifestyle can hold! To learn more about all Coletta has to offer, explore our blog. Check out our full menu, and place your first order today!

chicken pizza at Coletta

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Nothing makes a pizza better than being prepared—as Coletta’s chefs do—in an authentic brick-oven.

What makes a traditional brick oven special is the way it draws its energy: the roaring heat from a real fire. The flavor of smokey, burning wood chips enhances the natural flavors of the pizza’s crust, creating an unforgettably mouthwatering result.

Nothing makes a brick oven pizza more obvious than its signature bubbling, deliciously toasted crust.

Because the constantly burning fire keeps the oven at a high, consistent temperature, the pizza crust cooks at a rapid speed, allowing it to gain that even crisp before the ingredients themselves have time to burn. The result is a chewy, moist crust that still maintains a crispy exterior.

Though Coletta offers classic pizza options, few are more outstandingly flavorful than the vegan buffalo chicken pizza.

Built on the same crispy foundation as every other pizza on our expansive menu, the buffalo chicken pizza utilizes buffalo sauce, giving it a spicy kick that sets it apart from any vegan pizza you’ve ever tasted. Finely shaved celery and blue “cheese” crema brighten the flavor profile up, adding a creamy texture and sharp, peppery bite.

Finally, a generous helping of buttermilk fried “chick’n” keeps this dish filling and protein-rich, ensuring you won’t step away from this meal hungry.

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

It’s hard to recreate that brick-oven flavor at home, but that shouldn’t stand in the way of you and a well-deserved meal! With help from this simplified recipe, enjoy the thrill of making your very own vegan buffalo chicken pizza right from the comfort of your own home.

For more guidance on how to make this recipe your own, check out our guide on preparing the perfect vegan pizza crust.


Hot Sauce and Herbs
  • Vegan pizza crust
    1/3 cup of Frank’s buffalo sauce (or any other vegan option)
    1 1/3 cups of vegan pepper jack “cheese”
    1/3 a red onion

  • Vegan chick’n strips
    1/2 cup of Daiya blue cheese dressing (for dipping)
    Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (optional)


  1. Begin by preparing your crust as necessary. Then, brush the center with a generous layer of buffalo sauce. Optionally, drizzle olive oil on the outside edges of the crust for a crispy, dippable finish.
  2. Sprinkle the pepper jack alternative across the surface of the crust, as much or as little as you desire.
  3. From here, it’s time to prepare the toppings. Slice the red onion into thin slivers and sprinkle them generously over your pizza’s surface. Bring the chick’n alternative to room temperature (if frozen) and place it over the surface of your pizza as well.
  4. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, then allow the pizza to cook until the “cheese” begins to melt and the onions brown. Just before removing the pizza from the oven, adjust the heat to broil for an even crispier crust.
  5. After the pizza cools, slice into the desired portions and enjoy with an extra drizzle of “blue cheese!”
vegan pizza at Coletta

Delicious Dining Options at Coletta

For the very best brick oven pizza in town, join the thousands of diners who have already experienced the dining options at Coletta! No matter your pizza craving, you’re guaranteed to find something to love on our cruelty-free menu.

Choose from classics and creative new flavors alike, with options like:

  • Margherita pizza with housemade tomato sauce, fresh basil, “Mozzarella,” evoo, and toasted pine nuts
  • Wild mushroom truffle pizza, made with seared wild mushrooms, truffle oil, caramelized cipollini onions, lemon “ricotta,” fresh rosemary, crema, and spicy red chili flakes
  • Our buffalo chick’n pizza with vegan chick’n, buffalo sauce, shaved celery, and our own blue “cheese” crema
  • The classic “pepperoni” pizza, constructed with fresh, completely vegan ingredients

To sample the world-inspired flavors for yourself, come down to Coletta’s Gramercy Park location. Not feeling up to a night out, but too tired to cook? No problem! Explore our menu, then use our easy online ordering system to place an order for pickup or delivery.