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Good Vegan Beer in NYC with Coletta

What is it about a cool, frosted mug of beer that serves as the perfect ending to a long day? Whether you are looking for a treat or just a way to enjoy an evening, do so with a good vegan beer in NYC with Coletta. Like every other item on our full menu, you can rest assured that our beer options are perfectly suited to your cruelty-free lifestyle.

Our Grammercy Park location perfectly balances elegant sophistication with an air of relaxation, making it the place to sit back, relax, and enjoy good food and vegan beer. Consider pairing your glass with an item from our cruelty-free menu for a truly wonderful dining experience.

To see the creative flair for yourself, explore our menu.  Ready to be wowed? Come to Grammercy Park, NYC, to enjoy a full culinary experience, or place an order for pickup or delivery and take your meal on the go.

Our Favorite Vegan Beers at Coletta

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Though beer is typically made using just four simple ingredients– grains, yeast, water, and hops– this carbonated alcoholic beverage is not necessarily a safe option for vegan diners. Many “fining agents” used in the purification and packaging process use animal by-products, and many more beers still rely on honey, dairy, or other animal products for flavoring.

To make matters more complex, alcohol manufacturers are not required to list their full ingredients on the bottle. This makes it difficult for vegans to ensure their favorite beverage follows their cruelty-free ideals.

Luckily, Coletta makes things easier by researching you!

Whether you’re enjoying a glass on draft or prefer drinking straight from the bottle, you can do so in peace knowing that every good beer on our menu is safe, delicious, and completely vegan.

Beers on Draft

To follow through on our promise to offer the best variety at affordable prices, we keep around four beers on tap. Each one is hand selected, guaranteeing that it follows the same rigorous standards as every other fresh, high-quality ingredient on our full menu.

Right now, guests at our restaurant can enjoy choosing from among:

  • Jack’s Abby House Lager: Consider pairing this option with any of our lighter, seafood-inspired options. The lighter, bubbly flavor will work perfectly alongside our “squid ink” ravioli or crowd-pleasing calamari.
  • Krombacher Pils: This wheat beer is best enjoyed alongside the light, fresh flavors of any of our incredible salads. Alternatively, consider drinking it alongside our “cheesy” chick’n linguine alfredo.
  • Sixpoint Bengali IPA: To make the most of this strong, bitter IPA, enjoy it alongside a dish with an equally strong flavor. We suggest our housemade “steak” marsala.
  • Allagash White: This white beer contains the perfect balance of citrus and spices. Savor those flavors alongside the lemon-caper sauce of our chick’n picatta.

Beer in the Can or Bottle

Prefer your beer as you would at home, in a can or bottle? No problem! As always, Coletta is ready to bring variety. Along with a wide range of flavors, we always ensure there is at least one gluten-free option available. This allows every diner to enjoy the same relaxing experience.

Enjoy selecting from among the:

  • Ommegang Witte
  • Glutenberg (GF)
  • Lagunitas
  • Sixpoint The Crisp
  • Narragansett

The best part of this experience? After tasting one of the canned or bottled beers on our menu, you can safely go into your grocery store and request an order of the same for your home. Never again worry about whether or not your drink fits into your lifestyle; instead, sample the flavors for yourself at Coletta, and then go forward knowing more about how to cook, drink, and enjoy a night at home!

Relaxing Done Right at Coletta NYC

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As you look forward to a tasty glass of your next favorite beer, don’t neglect to try a meal worthy of all the flavor! For help figuring out how to pair one flavor with the next, reach out to any member of our trained staff.

Still nervous? No problem! There’s no better way to learn than through practice.

Before stopping by, explore our full menu to get excited about the meal to come. Don’t feel like dining out? No problem! Instead, order your meal for pickup or delivery, try out any foods that pique your interest, and then come in the next time better prepared for a drinking and dining experience.