Rosemary Bourbon Cocktail at Coletta in NYC

Nothing complements a perfect meal like a flavorful cocktail. Unfortunately, this relaxing drink is not always as safe as it seems for those following a vegan diet. Beneath the surface of a fancy label, many of today’s liquors actually hold ingredients not fit for a cruelty-free lifestyle, instead benefiting from animal by-products in the coloring or filtration system. Thankfully, there are solutions: unforgettable beverages like the rosemary bourbon cocktail at Coletta in NYC!

The experts at Coletta take pride in presenting more than just food. Instead, they deliver a completely vegan dining experience on every level, whether you’re craving dinner, dessert, or a quick appetizer to brighten your day. With our fully stocked bar, enjoy the ultimate relaxing beverage, perfect for a mid-afternoon break or a cozy ending to a busy day.

From simple beer to an elaborate cocktail, Coletta has it all! To learn more about what our restaurant offers, explore our food menu, pick out your next favorite drink, or order your dinner to-go through the easy online pickup and delivery option.

Rosemary Bourbon Cocktail

Coletta’s Charred Rosemary Bourbon Cocktail

At Coletta, we have a reputation for keeping things fresh. By investing in wholesome, high-quality ingredients and using locally sourced herbs and produce, we guarantee that a meal with us is a meal well worth it.

As diners all over this great city have already learned, that esteemed rule also applies to our cocktail menu!

In keeping with our vow to present inclusive, vegan foods and beverages, our bartenders use only cruelty-free bourbon. Rather than relying on animal byproducts for flavoring, coloration, or preservatives, every drink on our exclusively vegan menu uses only the most natural bourbon on today’s market. Drink without fear, knowing that you’re in safe hands at Coletta!

Few of the drinks on our menu are quite as welcoming as our charred rosemary bourbon cocktail.

As the name suggests, this drink starts with a foundation of vegan bourbon. From there, our bartenders add a combination of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and agave nectar, providing enough flavor.

Finally, a garnish of charred rosemary adds a smoky and herbaceous complexity to the cocktail, turning this otherwise simple drink into something too elegant to forget!

Rosemary Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

Coletta cares about more than profit. Above all, we care about each person’s right to enjoy a happy, healthy vegan experience. As such, we are happy to provide another in our line of easy, at-home recipes!

Though our drinks benefit from the experience of our professionally trained bar staff, there’s no reason you can’t access some of that same delicious flavor at home.

Remember, before starting your mixology adventure, check to ensure you are using only vegan liquors. Above all, the most reliable way to know is to check with the manufacturer.


Rosemary Bourbon Cocktail at Coletta
  • 1/4 cup of agave nectar
    1/4 cup of water
    2 ounces of vegan bourbon

  • 3 fresh sprigs of rosemary
    1 orange


  1. Begin by making your rosemary-infused syrup. Combine two rosemary sprigs, agave nectar, and water in a small pot. Bring to a boil, lower the heat, and then allow the syrup to simmer for around five minutes. Remove the syrup from the heat and allow it to cool.
  2. In a shaker, squeeze the juice from the orange. Add the bourbon, a drizzle of syrup, and just a few ice cubes. Close the cocktail shaker and vigorously shake the contents for around sixty seconds.
  3. Fill your favorite cocktail serving glass halfway with ice. Pour your cocktail over the ice and sample. If too strong, add a splash of water to weaken it; if too bitter, a few drops of lemon juice combat the burn.
  4. Garnish your beverage with a final sprig of fresh rosemary, and enjoy!

Unforgettable Cocktails at Coletta

Though there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cocktail on its own, don’t neglect the rest of your needs. Enhance the subtler notes of this cocktail with a meal worthy of all the flavor! For help learning what meals pair best with this drink, ask any member of our trained staff when you come in to dine.

We will suggest you look for bold, savory flavors like our appetizer puttenesca “meatballs” or our filling baked rigatoni bolognese.