vegan pizza at Coletta

Best Kosher Pizza at Coletta New York

When it comes to pleasing a crowd, there’s no better option than a fresh, steaming hot pizza. For an inclusive menu that ensures your dinner has something for everyone, take advantage of these kosher pizza recipes, inspired by Coletta in New York City!

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pizza at coletta new york

Make the Best Pizza at Home

What is it about summer that seems to go so well with fresh, homemade pizza? As the city heats up, New Yorkers from all walks of life beat the heat by enjoying long afternoons indoors (and preparing delicious homemade snacks). With help from Coletta, get through the dog days in style and make the best pizza at home!

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vegan pizza dough at Coletta NYC

Easy‌ ‌Vegan‌ ‌Pizza‌ ‌Dough‌ ‌

Pizza is more than just a meal; when done right, it can be a fun project. Whether you are trying to entertain the kids on a rainy Saturday afternoon or elevate your date night to something truly memorable, making a pizza completely from scratch is a great way to fill your time and enjoy a new skill. With this easy vegan pizza dough recipe, you can savor your favorite meal cruelty-free!

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perfect pasta at Coletta NYC

How to Cook The Perfect Pasta

Just as you would never attempt to build a house without first building a strong foundation, no cook should attempt to master Italian cuisine without first learning how to cook perfect pasta. The base of many classic Italian dishes, pasta, serves as the foundation on which many meals from this inspiring culture are built. 

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Vegan Noodles at Coletta

4 Types of Vegan Noodle Dishes

Not all noodles are created equal. Though many amateur cooks struggle to discern various noodle types, the differences are both present and incredibly important to the overall quality of the dish. By treating every noodle the same, you run the risk of ruining an otherwise delicious meal by mismatching the noodle to the weight of your sauce. 

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tomato and bread at coletta nyc

Best Italian Meat Substitutes

As a vegan, eating culturally-specific foods can be a tricky balance. It’s natural to desire mouthwatering meals inspired by cultures from all over the globe, but if that culture does not already have a prevalent vegan presence, it may seem impossible to find the fix for your craving.

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best pizza at Coletta nyc

Best Brick Oven Pizza in Gramercy Park

Everyone knows some of the best pizza in the world can be found right here in New York. With its signature chewy crust, creamy cheese, and seasoned tomato sauce, New York City has earned its hard-won title as the best pizza city in America! Of every option available, no pizza is more flavorful, or more addictive than the classic brick oven pizza, and no brick oven pizza in Gramercy Park is better than that found at Coletta.

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Inclusive event at Coletta nyc

How To Plan A Corporate Event

How To Plan A Corporate Event? Whether you consider yourself an introvert or the life of the party, one truth remains: event planning can be a hassle. As a host, you naturally want to ensure that each of your guests enjoys their meal, but doing so introduces unique complications. Even with thorough knowledge of your guests’ dietary preferences, cultural expectations, and personal tastes, it may feel impossible to keep everyone satisfied. 

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vegan bread at coletta nyc

Is Kosher Vegan? Discover 4 Surprising Facts

Though hundreds of millions of people around the world live under the rules of kosher food preparation, a vegan lifestyle, or both, confusion reigns involving how these two lifestyles blend. For instance, is Kosher vegan? Discover four shocking facts you never knew about these philosophies!

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best vegan restaurant at coletta

5 Ways to Spot a Kosher Restaurant in NYC

Knowing whether a restaurant truly follows the laws of kosher can be difficult; for a newbie to the lifestyle, it may feel impossible. These crucially important cultural guidelines affect everything from the ingredients used to the preparation style, making it a challenge to know whether your food is acceptable based on sight alone. 

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