Creamy “Cheese” Stuffed Figs

Vegan Fig Recipes: Coletta in NYC

What is it about figs that feels so decadent? Originally grown across the Mediterranean hillsides, this now-global fruit still carries the elegance of ancient Greece. Figs have a sticky sweetness that somehow seems to enhance even the most savory of dishes; however, bringing forth this power is something of an art. To learn from the […]

Vegan Italian Meatball

Vegan Italian Meatball Recipe: Coletta in NYC

Is there any dish more classically Italian than a meatball? Whether served on a sub, on a plate of spaghetti or simply swimming in a bowl of vegetable marinara, this meal can be traced back to the Roman empire. Now, with help from Coletta, diners all over the NYC area and beyond can enjoy this […]

Vegan Crispy Calamari

Vegan Crispy Calamari Recipe: Coletta in NYC

Once a dish rises to popularity, its origin becomes murky. Where did this dish originate? How did it come to be such a worldwide favorite? Though calamari– otherwise known as fried squid– may be easily found in restaurants all over the globe, the name seems to suggest it is most at home on a traditional […]

Vegan Gnocchi at Coletta

Vegan Gnocchi at Coletta NYC

When it comes to Italian classics, nothing conjures a more comforting feeling than that of freshly prepared gnocchi. Simultaneously cozy and filling, these fluffy potato dumplings make the perfect comfort food as the weather finally cools. Whether you serve this dish as an appetizer or full meal, enjoy every last bite of the vegan gnocchi […]

Vegan Carpaccio at Coletta NYC

Vegan Carpaccio at Coletta NYC

Originally invented in 1963 in Venice, Italy, carpaccio is a true Italian classic…but don’t feel bad if you’ve never sampled this dish; plenty may not find it appetizing. Consisting of layers of thinly sliced meat– typically served raw– this dish has a history that is as controversial as it is popular. For a delicious, more […]

Rosemary Bread Recipe

Vegan Rosemary Bread at Coletta

Classy, elegant, and rich in flavor: rosemary italian bread recipe makes the ideal starter for any Italian dinner. Watch your guests inhale the smokey, earthy scent as they tear their hands into a steaming loaf of homemade rosemary bread. To sample the astounding flavor, come to Gramercy Park and ask for the vegan rosemary bread […]

Vegan Bruschetta at Coletta in NYC

Vegan Bruschetta at Coletta in NYC

Though often overlooked, the appetizer can be the most vital part of a meal. As the introduction to the main event, it sets the scene for the dining experience, allowing guests the chance to satisfy their cravings in a way that only makes them more excited for the food to follow. Wanting something sharp and […]

Vegan Italian Pizza at Coletta

Best Vegan Italian Food in NYC

When most people think of Italian food, a few of the typical staples spring to mind: plates of pasta, Tuscan seafood, and classic meatball dishes. While many of these classics typically call for dairy and meat, there’s no reason why these trusted favorites can’t easily be made cruelty free! Whether they make use of delicious vegan substitutes or are “accidentally veggie,” you’re sure to love any of these best Italian vegan dishes.

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red wine at coletta

Best Wine Pairings for your Favorite Vegan Meals

A delicious vegan meal is a staple for a great day; that same meal paired with the perfect glass of wine instantly becomes elevated to true luxury. You don’t have to be an expert to find the best wine pairings for your favorite vegan meals. With help from this easy guide, you’ll have a breeze navigating the world of fine Italian cuisine!

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veggie soup at coletta

Best Italian Veggie Soup Recipe

Is there anything more comforting than a warm bowl of vegetable soup at the end of a long, rainy day? Nutritious, comforting, and hearty from the addition of pasta or potatoes…this Italian classic is sure to fit every definition of the term “self-care.” Now, with help from the experts at Coletta, you can enjoy the […]