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Best Cocktail Bar in NYC

If you dine only on kosher, gluten-free, or vegan food in NYC, then you probably know all about Coletta and our fresh, creative meals. However, did you know we also have an incredible cruelty-free cocktail range for you to enjoy? The next time you’re looking for a cocktail bar in NYC, head down to Coletta in Grammercy Park for an inclusive, fun time.

Our expert chefs work hard to bring you the boldest, most innovative flavors in the city, all completely vegan! To find inspiration, peruse our full menu. Ready to pick out your next favorite dish? Place an order for pickup or delivery, and let us bring all the bold, vegan flavors right to your door!

Drinks Worthy of a Night Out

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Ready for a night out you’ll never forget?

Our fully-stocked bar has a range of cruelty-free ingredients, ensuring your favorite cocktail will be free of concern. While many liquors utilize animal byproducts in their purification process, our bartenders hand-pick only the best tequilas, vodkas, gins, and whiskeys, each filtered to a clean, cruelty-free finish without the use of bone char, intestines, or unnecessary dairy cast-offs.

Each bartender on our staff is professionally trained in all bar basics; no matter your chosen beverage, they are ready to serve! What’s more, our full supply of fresh, green herbs and fresh fruits ensures that each cocktail meets the same level of quality as any other item on our menu.

For the adventurous, we advise making the most of your night with one of our signature cocktails:

  • The Charred Rosemary Bourbon, made with aged Maker’s Mark bourbon, muddled with lemon and sweet agave, with torched rosemary to tie this drink to a fine finish
  • Our Grapefruit Spritz, a fizzy, sweet drink made using prosecco, muddled grapefruit, and candied grapefruit peel
  • A Strawberry Bellini, mixed using prosecco, strawberry coulis, and the freshest strawberries available
  • Our crowd-pleasing Espresso Martini, made with Kettle One vodka, real espresso, and chocolate liqueur, with a finish of chocolate-covered espresso beans
  • The signature “Coletta Negroni,” prepared with none other than Bombay Sapphire gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, orange peel
  • The Raspberry Limoncello, which uses lemon-infused vodka, raspberry purée, limoncello, and fresh lemon to create a light, refreshing drink, finished with a dehydrated raspberry rim
  • Our Nuts and Berries cocktail, with Kettle One vodka, Frangelico, Chambord, and vegan cream, topped with a dehydrated blueberry rim and charred cashews
  • Our Amaretto Rosemary Margarita, made with Patrón Blanco tequila, triple sec, amaretto, and lime with a pink salt rim

With their bold, memorable flavors, these cocktails are best enjoyed on their own, but that doesn’t mean you should go hungry! Read on to learn what mouthwatering appetizers pair best with these dishes, keeping you full without distracting you from the main event.

Perfect Cocktail Appetizers

Enjoying the bright, citrusy flavors of our Amaretto Rosemary Margarita or Grapefruit Spritz? Consider splitting an order of crispy “calamari” alongside your drinks. The seafood-inspired flavors pair perfectly with the light, clear tequila and sharp flavors of grapefruit.

For stronger, bolder flavors like those found in our Espresso Martini or Charred Rosemary Bourbon, look for equally bold appetizers. We suggest digging into a plate of our puttanesca “meatballs.” With their lemon brown butter sauce, flavorful capers, kalamata olives, Roma tomatoes, and rich “mozzarella,” they’ll hold their own without a problem!

Alternatively, consider making the most of these drinks alongside an order of portobello carpaccio flavored with caper berries, pickled red onions, dill, and thyme on a rosemary flatbread.

Craving a dessert? No problem! Pair your sweet cocktails– the Strawberry Bellini or Raspberry Limoncello– with any of our mouthwatering desserts. Bring out the brighter flavors in your drinks with a serving of lemon almond cake or– of course– our strawberry panna cotta.

Nights and Days with Coletta

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For your next brunch, cocktail night, or “Sunday Funday,” choose Coletta! Our professionally trained chefs specialize in the art of cruelty-free cooking, bringing world-inspired flavors right here at home in North Gramercy, NYC. At Coletta, you can rest assured that every bite is vegan, kosher, and completely original.

With its gorgeous settings and professionally trained staff, Coletta is prepared to host the perfect night out, from dinner to dessert to evening drinks. Enjoy a meal in our stunning space, designed by Studio RB with soft, vintage details intended to soothe and inspire. Don’t feel like fighting the crowds? Enjoy your meal to-go with easy pickup and delivery options. 

Our mouthwatering menu is new and ever-expanding. Keep an eye on Coletta as we tackle exciting new bar options!