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Fig Jam and Prosciutto Pizza

Fig Jam and Prosciutto Pizza: Coletta in NYC Somehow, it doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for comfort food or something to make an event of the night; pizza has the power to hit the spot, no matter the mood. In the past, embracing a vegan lifestyle meant sacrificing the rich, cheesy goodness that […]

Vegan Mushroom Truffle Pizza at Coletta in NYC

Vegan Mushroom Truffle Pizza at Coletta in NYC Something about the idea of “truffles” feels simultaneously elegant, sophisticated, and indulgent. Traditionally, someone may expect to see these delicate fungi atop an exquisite pasta, but at Coletta, we pride ourselves in the unexpected. By combining the decadence of truffle with the comfort of pizza, we present […]

Margherita Pizza Recipe Gluten-Free!

Margherita Pizza Recipe Gluten-Free! with Coletta NYC There is no getting around it; sometimes, dietary restrictions can be a true inconvenience. Whether you follow a cruelty-free lifestyle, are lactose-intolerant, or have a gluten allergy, these restrictions often make dining out feel like more effort than it’s worth. No longer! With delicious brick-oven pizzas at Coletta […]

Gluten-Free Fig Recipes: Coletta in NYC

One of the most complicated parts of dining with a group is finding a restaurant with something for everyone. It’s natural to want to support every guest’s dining preferences, but doing so often feels like an impossible task. The larger the group, the more delicate the balance of finding meals everyone can enjoy. To make […]

Vegan Roasted Beet Salad at Coletta

Though often overlooked, beets are a truly remarkable plant. High in both vitamin C and potassium, this root vegetable is excellent for your heart and immune system. Unlike other common root veggies, beets are low in starch and some studies have shown that beets provide a burst of energy! What better way to enjoy a […]

Vegan Fig Recipes: Coletta in NYC

What is it about figs that feels so decadent? Originally grown across the Mediterranean hillsides, this now-global fruit still carries the elegance of ancient Greece. Figs have a sticky sweetness that somehow seems to enhance even the most savory of dishes; however, bringing forth this power is something of an art. To learn from the […]

Vegan Italian Meatball Recipe: Coletta in NYC

Is there any dish more classically Italian than a meatball? Whether served on a sub, on a plate of spaghetti or simply swimming in a bowl of vegetable marinara, this meal can be traced back to the Roman empire. Now, with help from Coletta, diners all over the NYC area and beyond can enjoy this […]

Vegan Crispy Calamari Recipe: Coletta in NYC

Once a dish rises to popularity, its origin becomes murky. Where did this dish originate? How did it come to be such a worldwide favorite? Though calamari– otherwise known as fried squid– may be easily found in restaurants all over the globe, the name seems to suggest it is most at home on a traditional […]

Vegan Gnocchi at Coletta NYC

When it comes to Italian classics, nothing conjures a more comforting feeling than that of freshly prepared gnocchi. Simultaneously cozy and filling, these fluffy potato dumplings make the perfect comfort food as the weather finally cools. Whether you serve this dish as an appetizer or full meal, enjoy every last bite of the vegan gnocchi […]

Vegan Carpaccio at Coletta NYC

Originally invented in 1963 in Venice, Italy, carpaccio is a true Italian classic…but don’t feel bad if you’ve never sampled this dish; plenty may not find it appetizing. Consisting of layers of thinly sliced meat– typically served raw– this dish has a history that is as controversial as it is popular. For a delicious, more […]